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Indy Transponder 28-JUL-10 1415z

DC-3 75th Anniversay Tour from Hiller Aviation Museum 
Day 5 – Oshkosh | What can you say about Oshkosh that has not already been said? Anything and everything related to aviation is here. We are only here one full day so there was so much to do and see that we didn't spend allot of time with the plane.
With all the rains and the fact that Oshkosh is so big the DC-3's/C-47's are spread out all over the place. We're not sure how many planes made it. It must be out on the internet somewhere but all we know is there are a whole bunch here. ...

 Rob Holland  - EAA Video
Air show performer Rob Holland is back in Oshkosh for AirVenture 2010 and in this profile EAA's John Nicholson shows us Holland is a man with a lot going on. Watch the video

Day 2 at AirVenture [video] from Mike Goulian Airshows 
Tough week at AirVenture. Found out we have a pretty big mechanical issue with our plane which will prevent us from flying for the rest of the show. It will be off to FL for some major repairs. We will still be at AirVenture until Thursday night, so if you're here, please be sure to say hello. You can find my schedule here.

So Much More Airventure News - Click Here
 Blimp first to land for AirFest - Rockford Register Star
The MetLife blimp arrived Tuesday at the Rockford-Chicago International Airport in preparation for AirFest 2010, which starts ...

Port of Friday Harbor Air Fair takes off -
Clear skies and warm weather created a perfect day for the Air Fair which started with American Legion Post 163 Color Guard's Presentation of Colors ...

Whitecourt, Wetaskiwin and Rocky Mountain House prepare for upcoming airshows -
The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are confirmed for both the Whitecourt and Wetaskiwin airshows along with many of the top acts in the business. ...
West Dorset: Red Arrows to open village fun day - Bridport News
He said: "We had the idea last year when Zane and Monte joined the Red Arrows and I was thinking of ways to raise funds to maintain the momentum of our new ...
Don't just watch the skies at Air Festival - Bournemouth Echo
That's the message from Bournemouth Air Festival bosses with this year's event hurtling into view. While the skies will be packed with breathtaking aircraft ...

"DOBRAH OTRA!" Good Morning!* Today started with the Russian breakfast of Champions – Beef Stroganoff with dates, potatoes and gravy, warm summer sausage, bread and butter with cheese and a cup of coffee topped off with fresh oranges. GK8's first official training day in Menzelinsk began with a late start to give the competitors a [...]

A flight of Pescara Tricolour Arrows, the city Blinda - (translated)
The appointment 'was announced by the mayor and the aldermen Luigi Mascia Albore Fiorilli and Seller together with the chairman of the provincial ...

From high-flying in the sky Domme - Sud Quest (Translated)
Among the fans of traditional airshow, held annually by the Aero Club of Sarlat, there are those who appreciate above all the individual vaulting very high level as last year, that of Captain Le Vot (Member Team France World Champion), flying his Extra 330 SC, and those who prefer flight demonstrations on patrol, during which the planes are so close that they merge.  ...

A Rare and Beautiful DC-3 from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Take a tour of a beautiful corporate-owned DC-3. It's never been restored, but you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer one than Esther Mae.This video is brought to you by Bose Corporation and WxWorx XM WX Satellite Weather.

Vintage aircraft at DuPage - Chicago Daily Herald
Area residents will have the opportunity to climb aboard World War II vintage bombers when a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Consolidated B-24 Liberator and ...

Central IN plane crash investigated by FAA - WAVE 3 - Louisville, KY
SEYMOUR, IN (WAVE) - A central Indiana plane crash is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The World War One era bi-plane went down on July 27 in Seymour, IN.
Indiana State Police say Philip Krueger of Freeton had minor bruises and scrapes as a result of the crash.
Krueger lifted off from Freeman Field in his SE 5A single engine plane and reached an altitude of 50 to 60 feet when he lost power and crashed the plane in a field just north of the runway.
According to police, a similar crash happened to the plane in 2008.

Battle of Britain prelude: the Luftwaffe "Ural... from x planes
The Dornier Do 19  was built as result of Luftwaffe Chief of Staff General Walter Wever's 1934 proposition for the construction of a long range strategic bomber - capable of reaching targets deep in Russia, and the British naval base in Scapa Flow, Scotland.

Battle of Britain prelude: the Luftwaffe "Ural... from x planes
The Junkers Ju 89 was the second design for the Luftwaffe's proposed long-range strategic "Ural bomber"
On 3rd June 1936, General Walter Wever - the creator and champion of the Ural bomber project - was killed when his Heinkel He 70 crashed on take-off.
On 11th April 1937, the Ju 89 made its first flight.
On 29th April 1937, all development on the Ju 89 and the Dornier 19 was cancelled by the German air ministry.
Wever's vision of a "balanced" Luftwaffe - both tactical and strategic - had suffered a huge blow. The focus would be on the development and production of medium bombers (incuding the Ju 88, the prototype of which is the smaller aircraft in the top image above)...

World War II: B-25 Mitchell Hits the Empire State Building from Military History
July 28, 1945 - A B-25 Mitchell bomber (right) accidently collides with the Empire State Building. Flown by Lt. Col. William Franklin Smith, the B-25 was completing a transport mission from Boston to New York. Approaching LaGuardia Airport, Smith was informed that visibility was reduced to zero due to fog. Attempting to land anyway, he became disoriented in the fog and struck the north side of the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors. While the resulting fire was contained, fourteen, including Smith, were killed in the accident.

Handicapped Filipina pilot inspires President Obama - ABS CBN News
Filipino-American Jessica Cox was with a smaller group who got a private audience with President Obama earlier in the day. "He said thank you for being an ...

Galloping Ghost from
I had a special treat saturday evening at Minden with Jimmy and the Ghost doing some test flights around the Carson Valley. She sounds amazing when he wicked her up. Keep up the good work you guys!

Great Miami Air Race from
Lots of great photos from the 1973 race!

Students Re-Create Historic Flying Boat - The Ledger
It may only be a quarter of the plane's original size, but the new replica hanging in the Florida Air Museum today is the product of more ...

Civil Air Patrol to Conduct Weekend Exercise in Northeast from Milcom Monitoring Post 
The Northeast Region Civil Air Patrol will be conducting a region wide disaster relief exercise this weekend (7/31-8/1). Looks like there's going to be a lot of HF/SSB radio traffic including ALE operation. Will probably have a lot of air to ground VHF-NFM comms conducted by all wings throughout the region. ...

Woo joins cast of Chinese propaganda blockbuster - Flying Tiger News
His next project will take on the so-called "Flying Tigers" — American fighter pilots who defended China against Japanese invaders during World War II.

SpaceShipTwo may make 1st glide test this year - Forbes
... tail structures in the "feathered" position, a unique and critically important element of the system created by legendary aviation designer Burt Rutan. ...

Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23 from Planeshots
Gloster Gladiator: photo by Brian Nichols from Planeshots
Inland Northwest Skyfest 2010 - Fairchild AFB, Spokane - 07/24/10 from FenceCheck Forums
CVW-7 Homecoming 2010 - NAS Oceana (VFA-103, 143, 131, 83) from FenceCheck Forums
JASDF Hyakuri Air Base Airshow 2010 - Hyakuri Air Base from FenceCheck Forums


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