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Indy Transponder 27-September 1000z

Father-son to appear on the Air Show - SALINAS, CA (KGO) -- The only civilian ever to fly with the Blue Angels is performing at the California International Air Show this weekend, and so is his son. They are the only father-son team on the circuit. Sometimes a single look is all you need to ...

Chico Airfest Hits North State Skies – KHSL
Chico Airfest 2008 takes flight Friday & Saturday. One of this year's biggest attractions is the Canadian Snowbirds. The precision flying team flew into ...

Stunt car flips in practice run - Enterprise-Record, CA
The stunt, part of the opening program for Chico AirFest Friday night, was canceled. Adreini was expected to fly two planes he brought to the air show, ...

Snowbirds talk about dreaming high, lowering risks - Enterprise-Record, CA
The Canadian Forces Snowbirds Jet Team, in town to perform at the Chico AirFest, split up to spend time at three local schools Friday morning. ...

Vintage B-17 At Lunken Airport This Weekend -, KY
The B-17 Flying Fortress was famous for taking tons of bombs to the Nazi heartland and often bringing its crews back home despite horrendous damage. ...

Vintage Liaison Aircraft Gathering begins today - Xenia Gazette, OH
World War Two B-25 pilot Joseph Miller, proud owner of an award-winning 1942 Aeronca L-3B freshly landed from Pennsylvania Friday, was in the process of ...

WWII WASPs Reunite in Texas -
The idea for the fly-in originated with Cindy Wiesner, whose mother, Sylvia Miller Burrill, 84, earned her wings as a WASP in 1944. ...

Video: Flying with the aerobatic pilots - Hunts Post, UK
Looping the loop and barrel rolling in the skies above Huntingdonshire last week were some of the best aerobatic pilots in the country. ...

Air Zoo wins top state award from by jmaclean
On September 17, the Air Zoo was presented with a coveted state award, bringing another round of praise for Southwest Michigan. The Michigan Aeronautics Commission awarded the Air Zoo its “Award of Excellence” in recognition of the museum’s substantial contributions to aviation in Michigan, including preservation of historic artifacts, aviation education and community service. The award also stated, “The Air Zoo has enriched and enhanced the great aviation tradition of Michigan.” This award is only given to one organization and one individual each year. “It is truly an honor for the Air Zoo to be recognized for its efforts in promoting aviation in the State of Michigan,” says Bob Ellis, executive director of the Air Zoo, “We see it as a natural way to inspire young people to expand their horizons.”

"Preemptive Strike" wins screenwriting competition
Atlanta writer, attorney and sometime GA News columnist Alan Armstrong won first place at New York's VisionFest film festival for his "Preemptive Strike" screenplay. Armstrong's film script is about the famed American Volunteer Group, the Flying Tigers, and the politics behind their mission to China early in World War II.

Work On EAA AirVenture Site Enhancements Begins – EAA - Experimental Aircraft AssociationStakes in the ground, buildings on blocks, heavy equipment, mounds of fresh earth, stacks of saplings with canvas-wrapped roots…they're all signs that work on the AirVenture site enhancements has begun.

On December 21, 1968, astronauts Frank Borman, Bill Anders and Jim Lovell blasted off from Kennedy Space Center for a six-day mission to the moon. After a three-day trip, they orbited the moon 20 times and made a memorable Christmas Eve television broadcast in which they read ten verses from the Book of Genesis. The crew also witnessed and photographed an event no one had ever seen: an earthrise as Earth appeared from behind the moon as the crew orbited. Their historic mission fundamentally changed the way we think about our planet and paved the way for the Apollo 11 mission and moon landing seven months later. For our keynote presentation on the morning of Tuesday, December 9, Major General Bill Anders (USAF, retired) and Colonel Frank Borman (USAF, retired) will give us a behind-the-curtains look at that historic Apollo 8 mission, just a few days before the 40th anniversary of their trip.

California International Airshow, Sa;linas, CA - It's Showtime!
I went out to the Marina airport where the F16s of USAF Thunderbirds are kept for the Salinas Airshow. I was treated to flights by both the F16s (below) and the F15 (left) demonstration team. My ears are still ringing.

Exclusive: I followed jetman Yves Rossy - Times Online, UK
A small black shape dropped into sight in my aeroplane's windscreen as we circled high over Calais in a brilliant blue haze after lunch today. ...

"Fusionman" crosses channel using home-made jet pack - Scotsman, United Kingdom
But by yesterday lunchtime, a crisp autumn day allowed the 49-year-old to drop from a light aeroplane 8000 feet above the French coast and set off into ...

U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC) is currently seeking applications for possible openings in the Heritage Flight program. The Heritage Flight consists of vintage USAF World War II, Korean, and Vietnam-era aircraft flying in close formation with the ACC single-ship, modern-day fighter demonstration teams at air shows. The program is open to highly experienced pilots in the air show environment with USAF fighter-type warbirds from WWII, Korea, or Vietnam eras. Applications are due to ACC no later than September 30, 2008.

Air & Space Museum set to host Honor Flight reunion - Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil, IA
The Honor Flight will hold a reunion Sunday at the Strategic Air & Space Museum near Ashland, Neb. Mark Taylor of KFOR will serve as master of ceremonies, ...

ICAS member and air show performer Gary Ward will join Neal Darnell, Randy Harris and Sergei Boriak on Team Chaos. Ward will participate in the highly choreographed act that features a jet truck and multiple aircraft.

Evan and Tim at the Reno Air Races by JOHN MAYBURY
RENO AIR RACES. Thunderbirds259203340_std. See our Reno Air Races photo album on the bottom-left sidebar.

Airplane Sightings from THE FLYING PENGUIN by Wicked Penguin
Just a short post today. I've been working on some longer pieces, but they're taking a little more time than expected.

Jim's Airshow Blog: The Pilot's Pilots - KSBW, CA
It takes years of practice, often competing in aerobatic competition, to reach the skill level that these performers must have. Like most athletes, hours of ...

Mike’s Mystery Machine # 03. (2008 series) from AeroHub by admin
This (very) late 1930’s American smallish short/medium-haul airline transport has long attracted my interest for several reasons. It was placed into production with airline orders growing, but its future was abruptly cut short by the outbreak of World War Two after only 12 had been delivered. It was decided that maximum effort should be dedicated to the mass production of other transport types urgently required for use by the allied forces of several countries. For example; Douglas C-47, Douglas C-54 and Curtiss C-46.

NAS Oceana Airshow pics from Airwarriors by MKopack
I had the opportunity to attend the 2008 NAS Oceana airshow last weekend and have put together a quick little 'photo album' on a web page at: I invite you to take a look! - Mike Kopack

DC3's/C47's from FenceCheck Forums - Here are a few

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