Monday, September 22, 2008

Indy Transponder 21-September 0053z

Tens Of Thousands Gather For The Spirit Of America Air Show - WHAG, MD
MARTINSBURG, WV – The weather was ideal this weekend for this year's Sprit of America Air Show at Martinsburg's Eastern Regional Airport. ...

Capitol Area Warbirds Airshow - Capital News 9, NY
CAPITAL REGION, NY -- Miniature military airplanes soared high over the Capital District this weekend as the Capital Area Warbirds Radio Controlled Airshow ...

Air show puts heart into love affair with flying - Burlington Hawk Eye, United States
With that many planes in the area, one of the most important men, but least seen, of the day was Jerry Wiemann of Burlington who served as air boss, ...

Ride a Flying Legend ; $425 Takes You Aloft on B-17 Bomber - RedOrbit
The Yankee Air Museum of Michigan, which flew the vintage Flying Fortress bomber to Teterboro on Friday, will offer as many as eight flights each day, carrying up to 10 passengers at a time.

Thunderbirds Ride Debrief - Things I Might Have Done Differently from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)

Benton County Flying Tigers September Fun Fly-In - Associated Content, CO
The fly-in consisted of gas and electric RC airplanes and helicopters. A fly-in is an event where AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) registered pilots who ...

F-22 Raptor Climbout / Reno Air Race and Airshow 2008 from Keith Breazeal Video Productions - by keith
Major "Max" Moga climbs the F-22 Raptor to join up with the P-51 for the Heritage flight.

The Last to Die - Air & Space Magazine
The war in the Pacific ended as it began, with a surprise attack by Japanese warplanes.

{we love jet noise} from Technorati
ian got to regain some of his 'cool dad' status today at the Oceana Air Show. He flew the superhornet demo back in 2005 but the glory days are long gone and much missed. Back then, Evan was only three and considered daddy's performance to be too loud for his taste. The jet truck was far more captivating and memorable. Well, VFA-211 had two jets in the big formation and Ian was selected to pilot one of them. I think he enjoyed his 15 seconds of fame

Airshow reminder.... from Technorati
I know we all have FF on our minds, and we can't wait for those hangovers..But the weekend after is one of the best airshows on the West coast!! Miramar's show is something special for those who haven't seen it... MCAS Miramar Air Show OK, back to the countdown to FF!!!!!!

Fly-past honours victory 68 years ago of the Few - Times Online, UK
A formation of RAF Tornados flew overhead during a thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey to mark the 68th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. ...

Istrana preserved F-104 from David Cenciotti's weblog - the most visited Italian Aviation Blog by David Cenciotti
On Sept. 8, Matteo Marianeschi visited Istrana where he discovered the following preserved F-104G. According to the information he got during the visit by a pilot, the aircraft had arrived from Dal Molin Museum in Vicenza during the summer. The aircraft has a dual colour scheme: on the right side the aircraft wears the code 3-01 of the 132° Gruppo belonging to the Villafranca-based 3° Stormo; the left side wears the code 3-31 of the 28° Gruppo of the 3° Stormo. The weird thing is that on both side there's the famous Strega (witch), 28° Gruppo emblem (and radio callsign). The aircraft is serialled MM6577, however this serial was reported in Cervia, even if a further visual check did not provide any confirmation of the 3-01/6577 being there. If the serial is authentic, the aircraft belonged to the 154° Gruppo of the 6° Stormo in Ghedi when the it made the last flight in 1982.

Making history flying like dad -, New Zealand
The arrival of the plane - named the Nancy Bird-Walton, after Australia's oldest aviatrix - from the French city of Toulouse comes at a critical time for ...

Sanremo: lettore "Air Show ok, ma mancava impianto audio!" - Sanremonews, Italy
RC, pur lodando lo spettacolo delle Frecce Tricolori svoltosi oggi a Sanremo, 'tira le orecchie' all'assessore al Turismo Igor Varnero e al direttore ...


RSAF Open House 2008 from Google
RSAF Black Knights! Hehehe. The Black Knights is the official aerobatics team of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) featuring six F-16C Fighting Falcons. Confirm you guys and gals see before one. haha RSAF Black Knights F-16C ...

Rich G.: 2008-09-20 Oceana NAS Air Show - 55 (via Flickr) from FriendFeed
Tyndall AFB Gulf Coast Salute 2008 from FenceCheck Forums
NAS Oceana Airshow from FenceCheck Forums
NAS Oceana Air Show - Community
Millville 2008 Wheels & Warbirds Airshow - Community
Reno Images: from the pits to the sky - Community
a few pics I took at an airshow this weekend of the F22! - unknown
Taiwan-TaiNan AFB open house(Vid/pix) from Military Photos by agentbear

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