Thursday, September 18, 2008

DreamFlight Newsletter - WACO CG-4A ++

Hello to all of our friends ~ we hope that this message finds things going well with you. All is fine on this end. It has been a bit of time since I sent the last up-date message so here is what is going on.

We have a lot of REALLY VERY EXCITING NEWS !! Progress on the WACO CG-4A glider is coming along very well: we are moving forward with the near completion of the CG-4A cockpit nose and fabric covering; we now have a new 25’ sign for our hangar; we are preparing for the first Foundation Raffle for the 1962 Buick Special Convertible; we are preparing for our demonstrations of the glider at local airports in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas ~~~ just lots and lots of fun, interesting and exciting happenings.

We have a couple of new areas of interest on the web site for the WW II Glider Corps program. You will be able to see lots of activity and, especially, the news about the ’62 Buick Special Convertible raffle fundraising and up-dates on our glider progress.

Fundraising: As you know, any program such as ours depends on a great deal of public support – financially, volunteer work and encouragement. As a public charitable Foundation we exist only thru the generosity and support that we receive from each of you, your families and friends. We want to thank all of those who have been sending in donations to us. All of that money is going directly to the programs as set forth in our charter / Articles of Incorporation.

We are now announcing our First Fundraising Raffle which will benefit the organization. The net proceeds of the raffle will go directly to the benefit of The WW II Allied Glider Corps Commemorative Foundation. We will use those funds at this time to assist in the rebuild of the WACO CG-4A glider. There are no ‘administrative salaries / compensation’ being taken at this time from any of the monies raised / donated. Please see this beautiful Buick convertible at
1962 Buick Special Convertible Slide Show.

You can also learn more about the raffle at
1962 Buick Special Raffle Information. One special note that is not on the Information sheet: If you want a receipt for your donation of $50. and to get confirmation of your ticket number you MUST either (1) send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your return address on it and / or send us your e-mail address with the e-mail information clearly written so that we can confirm your donation and, hopefully, winning ticket number !!

We expect that because this car is so beautiful and the number of available tickets is very limited that we will receive the necessary 300 donations to the Foundation very soon. Don’t be late in helping to support our great cause – send your donation soon. Even if you don’t need / want another car at this time, you may still want to participate by donating, receiving a ticket and, if you are the winner, donating the car to the foundation for a subsequent raffle.

Our address is: WW II Allied Glider Corps Commemorative Foundation, (you can use any shortening of that for your donation check), 24611 Spadra Lane, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. Phone: 949 472 9612. If you have questions, please go to
1962 Buick Raffle - FAQ's to see if your question(s) have been addressed. If not, please send us an e-mail message and we will respond.

Cockpit Moving Toward Completion: We are receiving lots of wonderful volunteer from a number of people. Dick Smith is and has been in charge of the cockpit rebuild process. What GREAT PROGRESS. We have a slide show presentation at
Glider Cockpit Nose Fabric Cover where you can see what we have been doing. Dick Smith, Doug Calkins, Jack Kastien, Tim Adams and others are giving lots of their time and effort to make all of this come together. A HUGE ‘Thank You’ to all who are helping to make this flyable WACO CG-4A Glider a reality.

We will now be installing the windows and side panels with plexi-glass. As we progress along with the ‘see-through’ parts, we will also be installing the pulleys, handles, levers, instruments, pedals, etc., etc. to make the cockpit complete. All of this is a huge amount of fun and satisfaction for those involved. We would welcome and encourage everyone to visit us at our hangar at Fla-bob Airport to see our progress and helping to make this historic aircraft come back to life.

Hangar Up-grades: As you are aware, we have many corporate sponsors which are assisting with donations. Jon Goldenbaum, President of Poly Fiber has obtained a new hangar banner that can be seen by all who visit Fla-bob. What a really significant addition to our facility. I have attached a picture of our hangar with its new banner for your enjoyment. Thank you very much, Jon – and Poly Fiber.

That is all for this message as I want to get it out soon. We have lots more to tell you. In addition to the new sub-categories at the WW II Glider Corps category at there are many new items for your enjoyment with more being added daily.

As you are aware, we are explicitly non-partisan during this election cycle and will post most everything that is forwarded to us ( / ) unless it violates our senses regarding race, gender, religion. We fully support the contributions of all of our service personnel – past and present – (especially the men of the WW II Glider Corps) and are grateful for their service and sacrifices that allow us to live the lives that we are able to enjoy.

We appreciate all of your support and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best … John & Betty for the WW II Glider Corps Program and The WW II Allied Glider Corps Commemorative Foundation.

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