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Indy Transponder 15-September 1000z

Flight Line Radio Creates the Only General Aviation Radio Station ... Newswire Today (press release), UK
Grayout Aerosports, LLC is a one stop shop for everything aerobatic in the midwest. Need some upset and emergency maneuver training to make you a safer ...

Switzerland May Close Down Display Team from Ares by Robert Wall
The Swiss government may cease operations of the Patrouille Suisse.

Pilot caps career with 7th Reno Air Races title from Latest news updates from
Bill “Tiger” Destefani found the perfect way today to cap his long racing career at the National Championship Air Races.

P-51s Dominate In Reno from AVwebFlash Current Issue
P-51s were 1-2 in the Breitling Gold Unlimited final a the National Championship Air Races at Reno Stead Airport on Sunday. Bill Destefani's Strega was more than nine seconds ahead of Dan Martin's Dago Red to claim the top prize at Reno. Destefani and Strega averaged a brisk 483.062 mph in a time of 8:19.249. Martin averaged 474.305 mph and September Fury, a Hawker Sea Fury flown by Michael Brown. Meanwhile Jon Sharp's Nemesis NXT set a record in the Super Sport Gold race with a speed of 392.252 mph.

Gee Bee Books SELL OUT at Reno Air Races! from Kermit's Blog by Kermit
The Reno Air Races are now over and today I actually got to watch the show! The reason . . . I RAN OUT OF BOOKS TO SIGN!

Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - No, not in the same area. I was about 1/4 to 1/2 mile west of you. The spot would be at the upper right past the big yellow pit canopy.
Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums
Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - For some reason, I chuckle at this shot...
Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - Where were you when you shot the 2 T-6's above? When I saw that shot, I thought- where have I seen that before...
Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - This side by side act was pretty cool.
Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - Yup! Great energy- like which way to point the camera!
Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - Everybody's favorite Bear!
Re: National Championship Air Races & Airshow 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - Mustangs racing.

Blue Angels Soar as Weather Holds Out for Air Show WEAU-TV 13, WI
"Goosebumps. Pride of your nation, the military,” describes Navy Veteran Larry Salter. “It should pump everybody up today." Salter can't get enough of the ...

Racing at Wheels & Warbirds The Bridgeton News -, NJ
By JEAN JONES MILLVILLE - Vintage auto and sportscar racing will take place all day each day during the 2008 Wheels & Warbirds Airshow Saturday and Sunday ...

... then catapulting toward the ground. Today's event was free to the public and coincides with the 20th Annual Air Festival taking place this Saturday.

Air show flies over Kirksville KTVO, mo
Nevertheless, pilots with Dave Dacy Airshow, Inc. took flight Sunday afternoon. Professional Air Show and Top Gun pilots wowed the crowd with daring stunts ...

Flypast to mark the day the Japanese bombed Onslow The West Australian, Australia
RAAF aircraft will make a ceremonial flypast over Onslow today to mark 65 years since the North-West town was attacked by Japanese bombers during World War ...

Vintage bomber, fighters take flight to mark centennial Ottawa Citizen, Canada
There will also be a flypast to honour them and their fallen comrades. The highlight of the flypast will be the Lancaster, with the two Spitfires and ...

Armadillo Wins Nod over XCOR on Engines, League Completes Test Flights by Doug
“A growing fleet of rocket-powered racers will fly with a liquid oxygen and alcohol engine developed by Armadillo Aerospace, instead of an XCOR Aerospace design used during the Rocket Racing League’s public debut earlier this summer… ...

Tail Dragger’s Day Bridge Pa from AeroHub by Graeme
The very popular Tail Dragger’s Day was held at the Hastings Aerodrome Bridge Pa on Sunday 14th September and it was a stunning success.

Young Eagles Take Flight ~By Hanna Alldrin Pine Tree, CA
During the summer season the Calaveras County Airport in San Andreas holds a program called, Young Eagles Take Flight. Children between the ages 8 and 17 ...

Young Eagles Take Flight In Torrance County KOAT
At the Moriarty Airport Sunday, a rally was held to take kids up on free flights and show them what it takes to actually fly a plane. ...

NPR: Remembering The Berlin Airlift, 60 Years Later from Airline Pilot Central Forums by vagabond
I woke up to this article on NPR. The planning and eventual execution of the airlift are reminiscent of FedEx today.

Curtiss America Flight A Success from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Its engine problems obviously licked, the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum's reproduction of the pioneer aircraft manufacturer's massive flying boat America lifted off Keuka Lake in upstate New York on Saturday. It was the culmination of more than 16 years of effort by a volunteer group of builders who faithfully recreated an aircraft which was generations ahead of its time when Curtiss first created it in 1914. As depicted in Don Kaake's video, the aircraft had a flawless flight before a big crowd gathered for the annual Sea Plane Homecoming in Hammondsport, NY.

The Air Show That ... Wasn't
I tried to go to the Nova Scotia International Airshow this year, I really did. My brother, a true airshow fanatic aficionado even timed his latest visit so he could attend with me. Alas, it was not meant to be. Oh, we were there all right, ready and waiting. Unfortunately, the airshow was not quite meant to be. The show, originally scheduled to be held over two days, was knocked back to Saturday only due to the expected arrival of Tropical Storm Hanna . It was scheduled to start at 1

Air displays above the water: a “risky business”?
Posted by David Cenciotti in Aviation, Italian Air Force, Military Aviation, NH90 crash, aviation safety, civilian aviation. Tags: 15 Stormo, 82 CSAR, 85 CSAR, Aeronautica Militare, air crash, air display, airshow, Ali sul Lago, Argentario Azzurro, aviation safety, Bracciano, Esercito Italiano, flying, Frecce Tricolori, HH-3F, Italian Air Force, Italian Army, MB.339PAN, MB339, NH90, NH90 crash, Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale, Yakitaliatrackback During the last month, I’ve often thought ab

Safety inspector investigated helicopter crash Journal and Courier, IN
I was at the Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In in Oshkosh, Wis., when the third accident occurred and provided assistance within the office when I ...

This Week In Military/Aviation History 15 - 21 September from Warbirds Online by Tom Kwiatkowski Sr.

Re: 50th Annual City of Chicago Air & Water Show from FenceCheck Forums - A little late on posting these Great job to everyone who has posted shots so far - Here are a few of the Blues

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