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YouTube - Grumman F7F Tigercat Times Three from www.youtube.com
[You just don't see three Tigercats in the same place anymore....well, we did this year at Reno! 7 min. mark is the fly-by]

Saturday Gold video up - from www.aafo.com

More changes slated for airport - Middletown Journal
By Ed Richter Now that the Wings of Freedom air show is over, look for some changes at Hook Field in the coming weeks and months.

Oct 18, 2008: Western Carolina Regional Fly-in and Family Fun Day
from Fly-In Calendar - 24A: Jackson County Airport - Sylva, NC

Philip Stevens reports - Target Aviation Photography : Russian Fighters over Nevada from Skycontrol by alain
Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) in Nevada is the home of the US Air Force Warfare Centre (USAFWC), tasked with training pilots to become the best combat aviators in the world. The USAFWC has at its disposal every aircraft in the air force's inventory with the huge Nellis Air Force Range (NAFR) just to the north of the airfield. Divided now into two zones, north and south, the NAFR is the largest US range covering some 4,700 square miles. A larger area of 14,800 square miles, which is half the size of Scotland, is available for military flying operations. The NAFR contains dummy airfields, unprepared runways, Surface to Air Missile (SAM) sites, Surface to Surface Missiles (SSM), Anti-aircraft artillery and bunkers, in fact everything you would expect in a war zone. The training is conducted with air and ground units of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. Many allied nations are also able to train at Nellis, it is vital that the Allied coalition forces as seen during both Gulf Wars, are able to fly and fight together as one seamless unit. Four or more times a year, Red Flag exercises, involving around 1,200 aircraft flying over 20,000 sorties, are run by the 414th Combat Training Squadron (CTS), 57th Operations Group (OG) of the 57th Wing (WG). The ten day exercises are designed to enable US and Allied forces to fight together in the most realistic way possible. For Red Flag 08-4 in August, the fourth exercise of the fiscal year, the French (FAF), Indian (IAF) and Republic of Korea (RoKAF) air forces were invited to fly with and against US forces based in the US, UK and Japan. The IAF with eight Sukhoi Su-30MKI's and the RoKAF, with six Boeing F-15K Slam Eagle's, were attending Red Flag for the first time.

Restoration: The Memphis Belle from Air & Space Magazine

High school students refurbish Piper Cherokee for charity from Aviation & Aerospace News
High school students in Raleigh, N.C., are refurbishing a donated Piper Cherokee so that it can be used in support of housing and disaster relief in the Bahamas.

Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch and Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel have a few things in common. They have both shaken up the hierarchy in their respective motorsports in only second seasons, they both speak German and they are both Red Bull athletes.

Snowbirds thrill thousands off Dallas Road waterfront - Times Colonist, Canada
The Canadian Forces' Snowbirds jet demonstration team spun and soared against a backdrop of cloud-topped Olympic Mountains yesterday, playing to an ...

Yorkshire Air Museum Wins Top Award for Second Year Running from Skycontrol by alain
Yorkshire Air Museum is proud to announce that it has won the prestigious Yorkshire in Bloom Silver Gilt Award for the second year running. The Museum's Memorial Gardens and the 20 acre parkland site at Elvington met the high standards in areas such as "Floral Displays; Permanent Landscaping; Environmental Factors and Public Awareness". Of particular interest to the judges was the Museum's recent recycling project which has been supported by DEFRA. Waste from the restaurant and gardens is recycled in a huge stainless steel Swedish machine called "Big Hannah". The resulting high quality fertilizer is then put back onto the gardens resulting in high quality floral displays.

Red Arrows leave fans disappointed - Ipswich Evening Star, UK
ORGANISERS were left disappointed today after the world's most famous aerobatics team caught everyone on the hop - by making a flypast hours earlier than ...

Fly-past honours victory 68 years ago of the Few - Times Online, UK
A formation of RAF Tornados flew overhead during a thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey to mark the 68th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. ...

Red Arrows blamed for cattle stampede - Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
The Red Arrows have been blamed for sparking a stampede which forced picnickers to climb onto their cars to avoid around dozens of cattle. ...

Aviation Talk Radio from Aviation Blogs
I've been holding on to the news for a while to make sure the schedule didn't change, but I guess it's time to let you know. On this Wednesday,...

Plane pull event at BR Airport - 2TheAdvocate, LA
It's nothing unusual to see planes at the Baton Rouge Airport, but seeing teams of people pulling planes is a different story. Paige Gagliano joined us on ...

Let's here from the Fans!

Apple Pick'en and the Airshow from Technorati
(click image to enlarge) Ok, I'm exhausted. We started out the day by heading to Eckert's Orchard for a little apple pick'en. We ended up picking about 5 pounds of apples (not including the "samples" that we snacked on during our harvest). Even Colin got in on the festivities. After hitting their petting farm, we drove over the Scott Air Force Base to take in the last day of the Airshow. I ate my share of carnie food and got to watch the Air Force's Thunderbirds perform their maneuvers. ...

The Thrill of Flight from Technorati
This past weekend was very busy for us. Prairie Day was great enough on Saturday, but on Sunday, we also got to go to an air show at the local Air Force base. We went to the same show last year, and we've also been to a few other air shows in the past, but I think this was the best one yet. Why? One word–Thunderbirds! I'm fairly certain I've never seem a Thunderbirds show before. I think that's the kind of thing you remember. I had a general idea of what to expect, but there's just ...

Airshow at Osan Airbase from Technorati
Airshow at Osan Airbase Written by admin on September 23, 2008 – 2:50 am - Airpower Day 2008 hosted by the USAF 51st Fighter Wing and the ROK Armed Forces will be held at Osan Airbase, Republic of Korea on the 11-12 of October 2008. Foreign nationals should bring their passports as part of the requirements for entry. You can save yourself the trouble of trying to get in if you're a national of the People's Republic of China, DPRK (North Korea), Russian Federation, or Iran as you will not ...

Air Show! from Technorati
So I went to the airshow at Martinsburg, WV today. It was a blue, cloudless sky, with no wind--just perfect flying weather. (Note: I never get flying weather this nice when I go up. What's up with that?) The first--and biggest--aircraft that everyone who came saw was one of the C-5 Galaxy transports operated by the local Air National Guard unit It was open for walk-thrus, and roomy enough that you could almost play football inside. There were Biplanes, ranging from a nifty little Pitts ...

Airport stores get ready for customers - Indianapolis Star, United States
Under the watchful eye of the Indianapolis Airport Authority, stores and restaurants that do business at the airport must practice "street pricing" and not ...

C-133 Cargomaster from FenceCheck Forums
Airshow chez nous from Technorati
NAS Oceana Airshow from FenceCheck Forums
Five Photos from Technorati
RAF Leuchars Airshow from FenceCheck Forums
PHOTO GALLERY: Scott Air show flies by:
Warbird Of The Day - Fairey Firefly from Warbirds Online by Scott WRG Editor
How are these pictures? from FenceCheck Forums

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