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Indy Transponder 1-September 1200z

Roar of Blue Angels defines air show The Plain Dealer -, OH
As the Blue Angels' famous diamond formation loops lazily over Lake Erie, you hear the loudspeaker's tinny country music, the hum of a thousand ...

GALLERY: Shoreham Air Show 2008 Littlehampton Gazette
THOUSANDS of people enjoyed the spectacle of classic and modern aircraft at Shoreham RAFA air show. Click on the green play button to see a slide show of photographs taken at the air show on Saturday, August 30. Highlights on the day included Christian ...

37th National Stearman Fly-In Peoria Journal Star, ILBy Staff reports - 7-11 am, Hog Capital of the World Days fly-in breakfast, Kewanee Municipal Airport; 9 am, daily pilot briefing, Stearman Fly-In seminar ...

AIR FESTIVAL WILL BE BACK IN 2009 Bournemouth Daily Echo, UK
By Daily Echo reporter The announcement was made at the close of the phenomenally festival four-day event on Sunday. The festival attracted more than three ...

Red Arrows lost in mist but regatta 'fabulous' South Devon Herald Express, UK
But the weather did mean the world-famous Red Arrows aerobatic display pilots were only able to fly past and while the crowds could hear them, ...

Air festival to make second pass BBC News, UK
Vintage Battle of Britain aircraft and the Red Arrows display team were among some of the attractions at the show, which took place over Bournemouth pier. ...

Commemorative Air Force Forms Local Wing, Looks for New Members RedOrbit, TX
The Commemorative Air Force has a local chapter, called a wing, and is looking for new members. "Right now we have about 25 members and we are looking for ...

Originally, the carefully restored Red Bull P-38 was going to follow a similar route across the North Atlantic as Glacier Girl. However, the new owners have opted for the safer sea route.
More Behind the Decision

Brisbane aviation identity feared dead in plane crash - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) from

September 2008 from Pacific Wings Magazine by Rob
Plastic Fantastic—The Cessna 400It may have begun life under a different name, but the Cessna 400—the range-leading latest addition to Cessna’s world-leading family of piston singles—is an appropriate stablemate to its high-winged siblings, according to Graeme Mollison and Geoff Cooper, who both flew the Cessna 400 during its recent New Zealand demonstration tour.
The Red Checkers—Part 2: The Airtrainer EraThis second part of Dave Homewood’s two-part article about the history of the RNZAF’s longest serving aerobatic team brings us to the present day.
Polish Fulcrums Over the Baltic - Accompanied by their stunning photography, Iwan Bögels and Tieme Festner’s article about a Polish Air Force temporary deployment to Lithuania provides a fascinating insight into the way NATO and the global military situation has changed in the past 20 years.
Technical Perspective - The Oshkosh ReportOffering his qualified opinions on the offerings at this year’s recent EAA Oskosh event, Mike Friend discovers a number of interesting developments.
Success is in the Air—Farnborough 2008Farnborough is virtually “home” for Pacific Wings’ London-based European correspondent, Peter Cooper, who reports from the highly successful 2008 Farnborough International Airshow.

Canterbury Aero Club to Farewell Wigram from Pacific Wings Magazine by Rob
The announcement of the imminent closing of Wigram Airfield has added another dimension to the Canterbury Aero Club’s plans to celebrate its 80th anniversary.
“We are going to fly the whole fleet to Wigram early on the morning of September 20th so that members past and present can come out and do a circuit or two for the last time at what was our original home,” said CFI Jay Peters.

Only in Mojave: Handicap Parking for a C-130 from Mojave Skies by Alan Radecki
Only in Mojave . . . can a C-130 get a handicap parking sticker!Actually, what happened was this: Because of a series of fatal crashes involving older C-130A being used as fire fighting airtankers, the U.S. Forest Service grounded the entire civilian C-130 tanker fleet, a highly politicized decision, including TBM's Tanker 64. The plane has now found a job as a flight test aircraft for Mojave's ASB Avionics, and while this might be nothing more than a prank, I suspect that this is actually a savvy commentary on the crippling of the U.S. aerial firefighting fleet, most of which (including this plane), are perfectly good, safe aircraft.

Stunning Desert Canyon Flight Scares the Underpants Out of Me [Airplanes] from Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz
Once upon a time I wanted to be a fighter pilot, which is probably why I write so much about the biggest and baddest machines ever. My feeling then and now is that there's nothing that can match the thrill of flying one of the fastest, most expensive gadgets in the world almost at ground level through a desert canyon. Exactly like this french Mirage pilot does in this awesome video, which has Johnny Cash singing I've Been Everywhere as a extra.

Video of the Week: 747 Acrobatic Aerosur Low Pass Over Portugal 2007
from AVwebFlash Current Issue
We try to spend as much time as possible surfing the web for aviation-related content, but some days we think AVweb reader Robert Reid may have us beat. Robert's usually the first person to e-mail us links to flying videos buried deep in the bowels of YouTube and other user-driven aviation communities, and this week we feature one of his recommendations as our "Video of the Week." Although the airplane featured here is a real 747 (an acrobatic Aerosur) performing a low pass during last year's Portugal Air Show, your brain can easily mistake it for a prop of some sort, watching its low, slow glide for the crowd. (Click through to watch.)

This Week In Military/Aviation History 1 - 7 September from Warbirds Online by Tom Kwiatkowski Sr.
Hello Folks, Gee, it’s September already. Unofficial end of the Summer season. Folks startin’ back to school. 3 more months of the candidates takin’ pot shots at each other. Halloween stuff bein’ put out. I’m told that the Hallmark stores already have their Christmas stuff out. I’m not surprised. Last month, some “genius” decided to have a Christmas in July weekend on one of our local radio stations. Christmas carols started Friday and ended Monday. BAH! C’mon, give me a break. Every year as of late, I’m so tired of listnin’ to or watchin’ Christmas commercials and music, I’m GLAD it’s finally over. Oops, forgot about the after-Christmas sales. Boy, next year looks like it’s gonna be interesting, doesn’t it. We’ll either have the first African American President or the first Female Vice-President being sworn in. Very interesting. We’ve come a long way, baby. I wish them both the best of luck this election. You know, come to think of it, after three more months of daily back and forth with these Folks, I’ll probably feel the same way about the election as I do about Christmas, GLAD it’s finally over. Kinda sad, isn’t it? Now, let’s get down to some serious history, shall we?Have an AB FAB week, Take Care and Be Safe, Tom K.

Battle of Britain airshow Shoreham 2008 from PPRuNe Forums by Batchy
A few shots from this years superb event. I will post a few more over the next few days as finally the weather cooperated and came out to play. Batchy.

It's a bird. It's a plane. Yes, a B-17! from Airline Pilot Central Forums by Seeburg220
There's a B-17 that's been buzzing by the house for the last two days. What an absolutely cool site! Found out its' name is "Aluminum Overcast" and is on tour right now. I don't have pics, but thanks to google, I found someone nearby my town, who took pics of it going by. Some are fantastic shots.

Embry-Riddle To Offer Aviation Doctorates from Aviation & Aerospace News Updated Constantly
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will offer two new doctoral degree programs in 2009, including the first Ph.D. in Aviation in the U.S., the school said this week. The new program will...

Jumbo Airplane Hotel Allows Mile High Club Experience on the Ground [Airplanes] from Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz
Back in 2006, Oscar Diös heard there was a dead Boeing 747-200 built in 1976 on one of the runways at Arlanda Airport, the largest international airport in Sweden, north of Stockholm. It was once owned by a Swedish company called Transjet, who used it to fly muslim pilgrims to Mecca, as well as doing charter flights around the world until it was grounded for "organizational problems" in 2002. The noble Jumbo was in a bad state, but Oscar saw the possibilities right away…

Thunderbirds are go! from Technorati Search for: airshow
Yesterday, I took the wife and the future daughter-in-law to Travis AFB for their airshow. It was a blast. Lots of cool planes, culminating in a nice show by the Air Force Thunderbirds. I snapped a lot of photos, this one probably being the best.

Cub ride from Airline Pilot Central Forums by FlyOrDie
Departing Lake Hood strip

Duke to build campus for GE Aviation unit from Business Headlines
Duke Realty Corp. will build a 403,800-square-foot office campus for GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, in Cincinnati.

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