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Indy Transponder 1430z

Sunday Reno Air Races results from Latest news updates from
Finish, pilot name, aircraft model, speed, pilot residence, aircraft name.

Records in three clases at Reno Air Races from Latest news updates from
New race records were set today for Biplanes, T-6s, Jets, and SuperSport.

(RGJ) Bill “Tiger” Destefani found the perfect way today to cap his long racing career at the National Championship Air Races. Another victory. Destefani raced his P-51 Mustang, Strega, from the third starting position to take the victory in the Unlimited Breitling Gold race in front of an estimated 80,000 spectators at Reno Stead Airport.
More Race Results

Vintage mail carriers to land in Reno from Latest news updates from
A trio of pilots flying vintage biplanes are scheduled to land in Reno this week as part of a cross-country celebration of the history of air mail.

Oldies but true Goodies! from Reno Air Races blogs
The Tiger Cat is not a common plane. This carrier based plane though was just fun to watch and hear fly as it passed directly in front of you just, vibrating the ground with their power. The pilot had it on the deck so when it came around the pylon and down your lens barrel, it was just a sight to behold. The T33 was the pace plane for the Unlimited silver race. While it didn’t race in the Jet division, it was great fun to see it in the air and circle. It has an awesome paint job! For a…

Where do you point the lens? from Reno Air Races blogs
As I write this, I’m rubbing my left arm and my neck is cracking, leftover from shooting for four days to bring back 6737 photographs from the races. Here is myself, our son Brent and Nikon’s Mark Kettenhofen are shooting the F22 flight on Saturday. The 200-400VR, 70-300VR and 500VR are the lenses of choice at the races. This cool shot was taken by the keen eye of Sharon, looking for graphics amongst the shooters. The Reno Air Races are more than just planes flying really fast in a …

Nikon at the Reno Air Races from Reno Air Races blogs
This was Nikon’s first time to provide full support at the Reno Air Races. Nikon pulled out all the stops bringing in their best, Scott Diussa, Bill Fortney and Mark Kettenhofen. The very first day they were out on the shooting platform checking out the location. The majority of the time though they were in the Nikon Center either loaning out gear, helping with tech support or with the repair center. Photographers could bring in their gear and at no charge have their gear cleaned which …

Reno Air Races Today is a feast for the aficionado or the merely curious from Skycontrol by alain
The book’s publicist says, “Words cannot adequately describe the facial expressions of the spectators, this optical feast for enthusiasts that drives their senses into overload. For those who come to experience the air races for the first time, they are forever changed. This truly is the fastest and most dangerous motor sport in the world…” World-famous photographer Gerhard Schmid knows that words are not up to the task, so he lets his photos and their descriptive captions do the story-telling. And it works: the reader’s eye travels from page to page, overwhelmed by the beauty, the ferocity, the energy that the Reno Air Races generate each September…

Air National Guard looks for new recruits at Air Races Nevada Appeal, NV
Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal John Klatt, pilot and founder of John Klatt Airshows, performs aerobatic tricks above Reno Stead Airport during the 45th Annual ...

Even after ripping through Galveston and Houston, Ike continued to impact U.S. shows around the country with high winds and rain forcing shows like Blue Ash to cancel at least one day. However, all eyes are on the Lone Star Museum, where the damage was extensive.
How Many Planes Were Flown to Safety?

Air day attracts thousands Gazette & Herald, UK
The airday also marked a welcome return of the Red Arrows, who missed June's Kemble Air Day due to a tour of Canada, and the Royal International Tattoo ...

Veterans Relive WWII Aboard Restored Aircraft Hartford Courant, United States
The flight, which also included a B-24 Liberator, a B-25 Mitchell and a P-51 Mustang, was sponsored by the Massachusetts-based Collings Foundation. ...

Birthday celebration brings a jump for joy San Diego Union Tribune, United States
Bigelow, a native of Olympia, Wash., originally considered jumping from a plane in 1944 while piloting B-17 bombing missions over Germany. ...

Vintage bomber, fighters take flight to mark centennial Ottawa Citizen, Canada
... and soon will be taken for a test flight before being ferried to Cold Lake, Alta., to be painted in the colours of the Golden Hawks aerobatic team. ...

Montreal's plane pull challenge celebrates its tenth anniversary The Canadian Press, MONTREAL
"There's not much you can do for training," said Jackie St-Laurent, one of the organizers of the 10th annual plane pull challenge that took place Sunday. ...

Battle Of Britain Day from Bayou Renaissance Man by PeterTomorrow, September 15th, is the 68th anniversary of the observance of the Battle of Britain. It's celebrated on that date each year because in 1940, that was the climactic, largest-scale day of aerial fighting during the Battle. All over Britain, celebrations and memorial services will be held, both tomorrow and on Sunday, September 21st. Pilots have been flying surviving aircraft from the Battle in preparation for fly-pasts and other ceremonies.

Oceana Air Show – Sept. 20 & 21
Join the famous Blue Angels along with stunt and acrobatic fliers, skywriters, barnstormers, dog-fighting jets and more as they perform at the annual Oceana Air Show, in Virginia Beach, VA. The base is just 3 hours from Washington, DC and the East Coast’s only Master Jet Base, the largest type of tactical fighter air base. It manages a sophisticated array of attack and support aircraft of over 250 aircraft, including both F/A-18 Hornet and Navy F-14 Tomcat squadrons. From vintage avia

Gunfighter Skies 2008
Okay, we are really bad. But, could you pass up on the opportunity to see the Thunderbirds? Live? Right in front of you and flying above your head? Yeah, we couldn't either. And the day they were performing was today. But we did go all together as a family, we didn't purchase anything, and we didn't go crazy and run all over the place. But I did take a lot of pictures! Over 150. I won't share them all here, but I have posted the best ones. I know it's a lot of photos but since you guys couldn'

Is this the end for a flying Vulcan?
With a heavy heart, I have to say that the future is not looking bright for XH558, the only flyign Vulcan in the world. After a hard first year of flying, small teething problems and cancelled airshows, the coffers are running low and some sponsors are no longer able to supply funds. Where does this leave our iconic aircraft? Well unfortunately, it leaves her mothballed in the hanger. This is not a future we had all intended for our glorious Delta Winged Lady. The original plan was to breathe

US Navy revives airship interest after 50-year gap from HEADLINES
The US Navy has revived its interest in lighter than air vehicles for unmanned surveillance and manned logistics missions ...

Jet Makes Emergency Landing In Indiana from - Local News
A Southwest Airlines jet carrying more than 100 passengers makes an emergency landing at the South Bend Regional Airport after the crew smells smoke in the cockpit.

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