Sunday, August 30, 2009

Indy Transponder 30-AUG-09 0330z

Air Force Thunderbirds to return to Homestead Air Reserve base -
Red, white and blue-painted F16s are flying into Homestead later this fall: The nationally known US Air Force Thunderbirds will appear at the Wings Over ...

Free air show draws thousands -
Gates open at 6:30 pm today for the Twilight Air Show and Liverpool concert. How much: Daytime activities both days are free. Tonight's events cost $5 at ...

11th annual Big Bird Air Show was a flying success - News 8 Austin
More than 50 pilots participated in the flying demonstrations for the Big Bird Air Show. Members said they were glad so many came out for this year's show. ...

Air Show in the sky of Quebec - The Sun
'Sings' the leader of the Patrouille de France (PAF). Pilots are in a trance, performing with their hands to their movement controls ...

'Into the wild blue yonder' - Albany Democrat-Herald
The Northwest Art & Air Festival is in its 10th official year, though balloons have been launching in Albany — now from Timber-Linn Memorial Park — for several years longer.
Other festival events include artist demonstrations, biplane rides, concerts and food vendors. The event continues through Sunday.

Winging it with the Vulcan... mos competition winners fly next to ... - Daily Mail
The readers, who had won a competition in the paper to make the flight at Sywell Aerodrome, near Northampton, were taken up in four aerobatic aircraft. ...

FLIGHT LOG « Grumpy Returns via
One unfortunate episode occurred shortly after landing. A taildragger pilot taxied to see the B-25 without noticing a police car in its path. The wooden propeller became toothpicks. Happily, the only other loss was pilot pride. I guess Grumpy is quite a distraction. Pilots and crew to bed. "Goose" tomorrow (Goose Bay). Enjoy the pictures. ...

P-38 Lightning Newsletter -- Monthly News About Our Favorite WWII Airplane via
... Not too often you'll have a chance to see this -- three P‑38s in the air at one time. It looks like Glacier Girl, 23 Skidoo and Allied Fighters, but if anyone has any better info, let us know. Thanks to Pat Carry for the link. ...

Photo gallery: South Dakota veterans visit WWII Memorial via Stars and Stripes
"I was a farm boy and I got to join the Navy. It was awesome," said Wayne Johnsen, one of 113 World War II veterans from South Dakota who visited the memorials this weekend through the Honor Flight Network.

The Father of Chinese Aviation via Air & Space Magazine

Flock of Ospreys via THE FLYING PENGUIN
I think it'd be pretty hard to find a modern military aircraft that's stirred up more controversy than the V-22 Osprey. Sure, the F-22 is expensive and much of its role arguably obsolete, but it's still the best damn air superiority fighter in the world.
The Osprey, on the other hand, ...

'Space rookies' soak it up - BBC News
The new Esa astronauts, though, are unlikely ever to get to fly in a shuttle. The programme is due to be shut down next year (or early in 2011) and Atlantis ...

Uncontrolled Airspace #151 "Midnight in the Morning"
Amy Laboda visits the virtual hangar this week. She and the boys talk about some crazy flight situations... Jack goes on a very Dave-like rant... and they eat some crow. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace, Episode #151 "Midnight in the Morning"

Meeting Announcement - September 8, 2009 via INDYAEROCLUB.ORG

Windsor Air Show 9.29.2009 - Twitter Search by seanmhair
Lake in the Sky Airshow 2009 - South Lake Tahoe via Fence Check Forums
Odd Couples via Fence Check Forums
Sukhoi via Fence Check Forums
Windsor International Air Show 2009 - Windsor - 08/28/09 via Fence Check Forums [Canadian Hornet demo]
Rockford Airfest 2009 - Rockford - 08/21/09 via Fence Check Forums
Shoreham Airshow 2009 - Shoreham-by-Sea - 08/22/09 via Fence Check Forums
Offutt air show on Twitpic via
US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team via Military Pictures

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