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Indy Transponder 29-October 1000z

LiveAirShowTV to launch in 2009 from Indy Transponder
PFLUGERVILLE, TX -- October 28, 2008 – As the world goes digital in 2009, air shows across the country will join in. LiveAirShowTV is being launched to enhance the air show fans’ experience both on the ramp, and around the world. Jeff Lee, founder and director of LiveAirShowTV says, “We combined all of the pieces at Nellis Air Force Base in November of 2007. We had live production that fed two large LED screens on the ramp, and we fed the live broadcast to the world, via the Internet. With viewers from 28 different countries, we proved this concept works.”

Red Bull Air Race pilot Kirby Chambliss had a close encounter of another kind in Perth – flying next to an Australian Air Force F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet in the skies over nearby Freemantle ahead of the weekend’s World Championship final. Chambliss said he was delighted to take his Edge 540 – the plane with the most powerful engine in the field – up against the fastest and most versatile jet the Australian Air Force has to offer.

Sometimes Alternates Fly by Stephen Force from The PlaneMadness Podcast by (Capt'n Chris)
After listening to Stephen Force’s
“Sometimes Alternates Fly - My Ride with the USAF Thunderbirds” I’m convinced I have just finished listening to the single greatest effort and result in aviation podcasting, ever. Steve probably spent the better part of an extreme amount of time (fill in your guess as to how much, once you’ve finished listening _____ ) producing this episode. I highly recommend you listen to it. Set aside some time, turn off your phone, perhaps go for a walk and lose yourself from whatever’s currently on your plate. It’s worth it. Hat’s off to Stephen Force… Capt’n Chris

Rhode Island International Leapfest published - And now, for something completely different... Dave O'Brien hops aboard a chopper to cover the
Rhode Island International Leapfest.

EAA AIRVENTURE 2009 IS JULY 27-AUG. 2, 2009 from Indy Transponder
THE WORLD OF FLIGHT RETURNS TO OSHKOSH! EAA AIRVENTURE 2009 IS JULY 27-AUG. 2, 2009 - WhiteKnightTwo, Concorde reunion, Jeff Dunham concert among scheduled highlights

Greg Koontz Fly-In and Airshow - Community from
Greg Koontz, one of the airshow circuits most sought after acts hosted a fly-in and airshow at his private strip in Ashville, AL today Saturday 10/25. The weather was gorgeous and so were the planes. One of the pilots flying in his T-6 was John Bostick. Bostick flew with the USAF Thunderbirds in their first two years in the F-16A. He flew opposing solo in 1983 and lead solo in 1984. I have posted a shot of John departing to perform his airshow act. He got up close and personal on his departure and gave us a good "dusting". What an awesome experience. Thank you John.

Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion - Just tap it on the runway from - Just tap it on the runway - I understand that Steve had a bad indicator light for a gear lock so to be sure.

Missions accomplished: Wings of Freedom tour brings back memories - Burlington Times News, NC
For Dale, this was the first time he stood at arms-length from a B-17, B-24 or P-51 Mustang. Seeing the latter in all its splendor, "brought back memories," ...

Pearl Harbor Flyover from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
Yeah, this is an airplane blog. So on the flimsy excuse of a flyover of helicopters from HSL 37, I’m posting this cool picture of the Battleship Missouri. There’s just something about the lines of the Missouri class battlewagons that is seriously big and nasty, and yet beautiful at the same time

P-38 Lightning Flown By Jeff Harris / Wings Over Wine Country Airshow 2008 from Keith Breazeal Video Productions - by keith
Jeff Harris making a beautiful photo pass in the P-38 Lightning. Seeing a P-38 flying at an airshow is always a great treat. The P-38 and numerous other warbirds were in the air at the same time at the Pacific Coast Air Museum's "Wings Over Wine Country" Airshow 2008.
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TrueZer0 wrap-up from RLV and Space Transport News
TrueZer0 gives a summary of their experiences at the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. Includes some close-up pictures and video of the flight of Ignignokt.

Zeppelin Starts Passenger Flights Over Bay Area from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Airship Ventures is now up and running with its German-built Zeppelin, offering sightseeing flights to the general public in an airship, the first time such flights have been available in the U.S. in about seven decades. The company started media flights this week from Moffett Field, just south of San Francisco, and will start passenger operations on Friday. The ship will also fly from Oakland International Airport and from Charles Schultz Airport in the Napa Valley. The Zeppelin is almost 250 feet long. Large windows offer a 360-degree view, and the cabin seats up to 12 passengers, who are free to move around during the flight. The airship flies low and slow, topping out at about 1,200 feet AGL and 35 to 40 mph. Hour-long tours run about $500 per seat. The ship can also be chartered by the hour.

NAS Jax 2008 airshow from Technorati Search for: Airshow
Afterburners! from Fence Check
Afterburners! from Fence Check
Cheil Ha'avir (Israel Defence Force / Air Force) from Fence Check

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