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Indy Transponder 20-October 1000z

Eyes on the skies - Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA
“Every time they do a back flip, so does my stomach,” said Melissa Williams, an Atlanta resident attending her first air show. ...

Aviation Nation 2008 - Las Vegas - Nellis AFB Air Show - With their training flights our hometown Nellis men and women in-blue put on an 'airshow' for Las Vegas locals nearly every day of the year. In addition to that, several times a year you'll see military aircraft from around the world in town to participate in aerial combat training called Red Flag, held in the Nellis Range to the north of the valley. It's not even unusual to see the occasional military aircraft coming into McCarran to 'shoot approaches' (a term from my DH and son's pilot-speak)

Aero-TV Talks About The Airshow Biz With Ed Hamill from Aero-News Network
Not All Air Force Reserve Pilots Fly Fighters... One of the standouts among an impressive roster of expert performances was a stirring routine performed by Veteran Pilot (in more ways than one), Ed Hamill, flying on behalf of the USAFR. While a number of the hottest Air Force Reserve pilots may get to fly the sleek new F-22 Raptor; Ed Hamill, a member of the Air Force Reserve, uses his Air Force Reserve Biplane to tell the story of air show performance trends through the last century as he lives his dream.

Museum rises from ashes -, MI
Four years after fire at Yankee Air Museum, volunteers build planes by hand for new facility. BELLEVILLE -- All Joe Kosek could do was fume four years ago ...

Museum reopening prompts support questions - ABC Regional Online
Questions are being asked about how much support will be given to a reopened Royal Australian Air Force (RAFF) museum in Wagga Wagga. A public campaign to save the museum has paid off with a commitment from the Government to reopen it and have the ...

Her passion for flying drives Rihn-Harvey to push herself and win ... - Houston Chronicle, United States
By RUTH RENDON Debby Rihn-Harvey recently won the 2008 US National Aerobatic Championships for the second time, making her one of just eight pilots who has ...

Thousands flock to Oakey Fly-in - Toowoomba Chronicle, Australia
The Museum of Australian Army Flying at the Army Aviation Centre at Oakey hosted a huge range of vintage warbirds along with an array of current army ...

(London Free Press) Decorated Second World War veteran Charley Fox died yesterday in a motor vehicle accident. Fox earned a Distinguished Flying Cross for the 153 times he attacked enemy locomotives and vehicles during the war.
More on Fox

Historic Spitfire Returns To The Sky... And It's For Sale... from Aero-News Network
Painstaking Restoration Of Rare Two-Seater Completed With its Rolls Royce Merlin engine and beautiful elliptical wings, the Supermarine Spitfire is both a design icon and a piece of British history. Last week, the number of airworthy Spitfires grew... as a rare two-seat variant took to the skies for its first time following a lengthy restoration.

Fly By F-15 - Posted by: Kevin FalkPhotoblog: http://www.organicpix.comPermalink: Saturday evening flew by for me; almost as fast as this F-15 Eagle. Thank you to those who came to the WineAlicious "Meet the Artist" wine tasting. I am honored by your kind words and appreciation showed. I am also humbled by those who told me they have never left a comment here but viewing is a daily ritual. WOW, that certainly raises the bar for me and I hope not...

Stearman Ride - Fall Day and a Great Time - Stearman Ride - Fall Day and a Great Time October 19th, 2008 We had a nice day today. Nancy and I took a ride to Bealton, Va. We went to the Flying Circus Airshow. It was a nice ride through the Shenendoah Valley. The Fall foliage was very nice. I got a ride in a Stearman. It was GREAT!!! Have Fun! Greg. We had a great day. Posted in Flying, Photos, Update No Comments »

This Week In Military/Aviation History 20 - 26 October from Warbirds Online by Tom Kwiatkowski Sr.
Hello Folks, betcha thought I’d forget again didn’t ya. Well I didn’t. Of course the strip of paper across the top of my monitor that says ” Don’t forget Sunday Night post Air Head” helped. Ok, it doesn’t say Air Head, the two words there have the same number of letters and the same starting letters, but from there differ a bit. Have you noticed the words “can’t afford” are popping up in political ads a lot more? “We can’t afford to send another liberal trial judge in Congress” and the such. Believe me Folks, with all the perks these Folks vote themselves, they’re the only ones who can afford to send anyone anywhere. And then there’s “Joe the Plumber” whose name isn’t Joe, doesn’t have a plumber’s license, is $1,200 behind in his taxes, (Hey, close enough for government work, right?) but is a REAL person! I’m so glad to see Mr. McCain isn’t coming up with imaginary playmates. And the “We” stuff. “We” don’t want his/her type of possible legislation after the election. What’s this “We” stuff, got a frog in your pocket? YOU don’t want this person elected so that YOU can be elected instead, and YOU are hoping WE go along with you. One of our local candidates has the entire national committee bashing him. According to them, it seems the company he owned moved some jobs to China, the mention of this being done was - spelled he - removed from his campaign website. Then, according to the ad, he sold his company to another company which had sent military secrets to China, admitted the crime, and paid a $100 million penalty. The Federal prosecutors said this put our troops in danger. This is so wrong on so many levels. His opponent doesn’t need to say anything except good about himself. They’re doing all the dirty work. Nice position, eh? Well, while I’m calming myself down, let’s get down to some serious history, shall we? Have an AB FAN (ABsolutely FANtastic) week, Take Care and Be Safe, Tom K.;)

TSA Proposal Ensnares Historic Aircraft - EAA is continuing its review of the Transportation Security Administration's proposed Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP), which would require all U.S. operators of aircraft exceeding 12,500 pounds maximum take-off weight (MTOW) to implement extensive TSA-approved security

Murky Monongahela foils bomber search - Lebanon Daily News, PA
Fifty-two years ago, a B-25 Air Force bomber on a training mission ran out of fuel and ditched in the Mon. The story playing out at the height of the Cold ...

Up Ship! Airship Ventures Zeppelin Embarks On Cross-Country Flight from Aero-News Network
Departing Beaumont TX For New Home At Moffett Field In Mountain View, CA ANN received word this weekend that the Airship Ventures Zeppelin NT is on its way from Texas to California, and so far all is going well.

What the Presidential Candidates Fly: Obama’s Aircraft vs. McCain’s. from An Aviator's Blog. by Jonathan Heckman
With the U.S. Presidential election nearing, I thought it would be interesting to research the types of aircraft each presidential candidate flies. As it turns out, John McCain flies a 737-400 and Barack Obama flies a 757-200. Each plane is painted in the candidate’s presidential livery. After comparing the liveries, I believe I like Barack Obama’s better. McCain’s plane seems like it just hasn’t got the right paint job to it. Perhaps he should’ve gone with a darker blue. Here are the pictures:

Blue Angels High Alpha Pass / San Francisco Fleet Week 2008 from Keith Breazeal Video Productions - by keith - The Blue Angels solos performing the High Alpha Pass. read more

Michael: Little Rock Air Show (via Flickr) Michael published photos on Flickr - Little Rock Air Show

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