Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LiveAirShowTV to launch in 2009

PFLUGERVILLE, TX -- October 28, 2008 – As the world goes digital in 2009, air shows across the country will join in. LiveAirShowTV is being launched to enhance the air show fans’ experience both on the ramp, and around the world. Jeff Lee, founder and director of LiveAirShowTV says, “We combined all of the pieces at Nellis Air Force Base in November of 2007. We had live production that fed two large LED screens on the ramp, and we fed the live broadcast to the world, via the Internet. With viewers from 28 different countries, we proved this concept works.”

LiveAirShowTV will work in conjunction with the local air shows to provide more exposure not only for their show, but also for their sponsors and partners. National sponsors will help to offset the large cost of this operation at each show. We will leverage new digital media technology to create win-wins with our sponsors. Ken Perich has partnered with Jeff Lee to develop the corporate partnerships and marketing strategies to bring these shows to the viewers around the world. “I see this as the future of air shows, as well as digital interactive entertainment. We are thrilled to be able to bring the exciting world of aviation and air shows to the public in this way”, says Perich.

LiveAirShowTV has alliances with Impact Video for the production and mobile LED Screens. On-Board Images will provide the LIVE in-cockpit video from many different aircraft during the shows. Trelios Digital Media Group will provide the streaming, interactive player, and Video-On-Demand features for each show. Bruce May, founder of Trelios says, “Not only will you be able to watch the show live, but you can enter into a live chat about the show, as well as submit questions to be answered by the air show announcer. LiveAirShowTV will be one of the first broadband television networks delivering content to a niche market.”

LiveAirShowTV will not only feature live air shows, the network will also offer aviation events during the year that may be broadcast live over the Internet. Viewers will also be able to look into the history of aviation and learn about the people who are keeping these vintage planes flying. The National Aviation Heritage Invitational is the prime resource for these restorations, and many of their stories will be available for viewing. The future is also important, and alliances will be developed with groups like the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the Discovery of Flight Foundation to offer curriculum and lesson enhancements to schools around the world.

Live event broadcasting through our new Internet Broadcast Network is only the tip of the iceberg. LiveAirShowTV will kick off programming with our live air show coverage, and we will be bringing much more content, including other live events and on-demand programming. Watch for the list of events to be posted as they become official. LiveAirShowTV will become the aviation fan’s #1 stop for aviation events on the Internet.


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