Sunday, October 5, 2008

Victory Days 2008 - Terre Haute, IN

Terre Haute, IN was the destination for today's outing. The whole Indy Transponder crew attended the Victory Days event today. That's right both of us! Roger did the driving and was accompanied by his wife. My oldest daughter, Megan, joined us also.

Below is a slide show with some of the photos I took throughout the day.


Some observations.
  • You'll see a picture in the slideshow of an equipment tag. What is unique about the tag is that it belongs to the arresting cable system that was once in place at the airport in Terre Haute.
  • Children are always fascinated with machinery, whether it flies, or drives (note the little guy at the orange tractor)
  • Teaching my daughter about some of the events of WWII was easier at Victory Days. I found the actors and volunteers very helpful as they filled in some blanks. My daughter was able to learn about the war bond drives that took place stateside while the troops were overseas.
  • Practice does make perfect - it helps make successful jump missions too.
  • My favorite plane for the day - the A-26 Lady Liberty. (Wikipedia entry for A-26).

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