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Indy Transponder 13-October 1000z

Flying high - The Daily Advertiser, LA
After a four-year absence, the Sertoma Cajun Air Festival will return to Lafayette Regional Airport on Nov. 1-2 featuring the Thunderbirds, ...

Eyes gaze at skies in awe of Blue Angels - San Francisco Chronicle
The Hercules family was not alone in its exuberance as the Fleet Week air show roared over San Francisco and a bay full of boats on a strikingly warm day graced by a deep-blue sky.

Aloft: Blue Angels Photos from SF from Blogging Pilots
This is by far my favorite weekend to live in SF. Actually almost every weekend is perfect for flying here, but this weekend is perfect for the Blue Angles to fly here. Each year on Columbus

2008 EAA Chapter 67 Fly-in - Community from
Wonderful weather, wonderful food and wonderful friends. What more could you ask for?! There really is more than corn in Indiana... Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make today a memorable one. Let's start with two of Walt Gdowski's Stearman.

MR. CONSISTENT - Hannes Arch has turned the Red Bull Air Race upside down this year – not only by rising from near the bottom of the pack in his rookie season to the top of the table this year but also by pushing the envelope with innovative flying techniques and pioneering aerodynamic improvements to his airplane.

Balloonist tells of race victory drama - Bath Chronicle
The explorer from Box has just won the world's oldest air race with an 1100-mile flight across the USA which ended on his 52nd birthday.

Gone West: U2 Pilot Richard Stephen Heyser from Aero-News Network
30-Year Veteran Took First Photos Of Cuban Missile Sites In 1962 Crisis Richard Stephen Heyser, a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and U-2 spy plane pilot who took the first reconnaissance photos of secret missile launch sites during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, died October 6 at a nursing home in Port St. Joe, FL.

SR-71 Story - Community from
I found this at a site called Very interesting:

Patrouille de France is currently integrating a woman : Cpt Virginie Guyot since March.
The 2 other new pilots for 2009 are Cpt Paco Wallaert and Cpt Sylvain Courtot. They arrived in Salon in late august 2008. Source Guillaume (

Murky Pa. river stymies search for lost bomber - The Express Times -, PA
Officials say the B-25 bomber ran out of fuel on Jan. 31, 1956, when it was on its way to Harrisburg, and plunged into the river, narrowly missing a busy ...

Local workers were a vital force during World War II - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, NY
After his pilots staged the first bombing raid on Japan, flying B-25 bombers off the deck of an aircraft carrier, Gen. James Doolittle sent a telegram to ...

Grand Opening Of Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Friday, Oct. 10, 2008, marked the grand opening and recognition of the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site at Moton Field, Tuskegee, Ala., now officially a national landmark. The site serves as testament to the all-black 99th Fighter Squadron and 332nd Fighter Group of World War II whose combat performance and civilian struggles have earned them legendary status. The weekend's ceremonies were free and open to the public and saw the attendance of thousands, including a few of the surviving airmen. The event recognized the first phase of the site's overall development -- phase two is due next April when the full site, including an iMax theater in a restored second hangar, is scheduled to open to the public. The progress is the result of legislation passed by Congress in 1998 and signed by the president, appropriating $29.1 million for phase one development. From 1941 through 1946, more than 990 pilots graduated from the flight training program at Tuskegee, with 450 going on to serve their country overseas. The men were the nation's first black military pilots and flew more than 700 bomber escort missions, never losing a bomber to enemy fighters.

Alabama's GivingFlite® Among Honorees at National Aeronautics Association Awards Event from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
WASHINGTON DC- Gathered in the Lyndon Baines Johnson Room of the United States Senate, Rol Murrow, Chairman and President of the Air Care Alliance and Jonathan Gaffney, NAA President, presented the National Aeronautics Association 2008 awards. This annual event, titled "Above and Beyond", was held on September 18, 2008.

The Avro Lancaster was also a rather good glider! from AeroHub by admin
The wonderful Avro Lancaster was not only a great load carrier, but was also aerodynamically efficient enough to, in suitable conditions, provide the chaps with some recreational gliding experience. Here we see a Lanc., with all four Merlins stopped, sweeping past during some ridge-soaring along the windward face of the Chiltern Hills. Little has been published about this activity as it was rather frowned upon during WWII, with any pilot caught being confined to base for a spell, thus missing out on jolly jaunts to the local pub. The Flight Engineers became quite adept at rapidly firing up No.s 2 and 3 donks in rapid succession should the wind slacken off. This was more than enough to sustain an empty Lancaster which could very nearly maintain height on just one!

The World’s Most Ludicrous Aircraft. # 01/2008 from AeroHub by admin
The World’s Most Ludicrous Aircraft. # 01/2008. Blackburn Roc/Skua. These essays are intended to make a light-hearted (in part) examination of a selection of what, arguably, I consider to have been the most ill-conceived, useless, hilariously inept, sometimes dangerous, inadequate, inappropriate and just simply ‘orrible aircraft ever to (un) grace the skies.

More Fall Flying - More Fall Flying October 12th, 2008 I love flying in the Fall. The weather is great. The air is cool and dry with fantastic visibility and the airplane performs better too. So I flew again on Sunday - down to Culpeper, Va for a nice country airshow. Then flew back up the valley past Winchester and by Cumberland, Md to see what the fall colors looked like. There was some nice colors in the higher elevations near the 3000′ peaks. I added some pictures to the Winchester Flyin pictures on…

In Indy, $200 Million For Home Owners May Have Helped from AVwebFlash Current Issue
An investment of nearly $200 million federal and local dollars spent over 20 years has purchased roughly 2,900 acres and 1,200 homes and has, according to one study, made Indianapolis International Airport a friendlier (read: quieter) neighbor. The impact of airplane noise has diminished, according to consultants for the airport authority, but that may have just as much to do with improved jet engine technology as it does with the aforementioned airport-area expenditures. Federal noise studies began at the airport in 1985, soon after FedEx opened a hub there and began sending waves of departures into the night skies. Since then, a series of five-year studies has found that the size of the officially designated noise impact zone continues to shrink. On one side of the airport, the zones have receded nearly two miles closer to the airport. Even some homes no longer in the noise area can qualify for free sound insulation, windows and repairs that are paid by the airport.

Adam Buchen: San Francisco Air Show (via Flickr) San Francisco Air Show
Re: San Francisco Fleet Week 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - My Favorite Muti-Ship Jet Team!
Re: San Francisco Fleet Week 2008 from FenceCheck Forums - Not quite as cool as Jim's shot and missing number 7 after his troubles.
US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team from Military Pictures by ScottDescription: US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team. Air show flight demonstration. MCAS Miramar, October 2008.
US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team from Military Pictures by Scott
Description: US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team. Air show flight demonstration. MCAS Miramar, October 2008.

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