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Wings Over Houston Takes Place This Weekend - Click 2, TX
The USAF Thunderbirds Demonstration Team will perform, too, as part of the 24th anniversary of the air show. "The Wings Over Houston Airshow is about the ...
The father, Sean Tucker, has performed more than 1000 times at more than 425 air shows. His son, Eric Tucker, is now by his side. ...

Blue Angels Back In Jax - WOKV, FL
"We try and take basic maneuvers that every naval aviator can fly. I honestly believe that any naval aviator can do what I do," Mannix explained. ...

Tales of the Blue Angels from an Orginal Team Member - First Coast News, FL
For many, it's all about the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels started at NAS Jacksonville. They steal any air show. They have amazing moves. ...

City's 1st major air show in 40 years proves successful with N.M. squadron's help from CAP News Online by Dan Bailey Socorro Composite members pitch in for M Mountain Fly-In

The Flying Fortress "Aluminum Overcast" comes to Atlanta! - Gwinnett Citizen, GA
The EAA’s restored B-17 bomber continues to thrill the public throughout the United States on its “Salute to the Veterans” tour. ...

Final F-14 Demo -
Didn't see anything with photos pertaining to the F-14's last demo at Oceana in 2005, so I thought I'd post some shots from the big cat's last full up airshow tactical demonstration.

Mike Lakin/"Rudy" Lakin 2009 airshow schedule and booking -
Major Mike Lakin (Call sign "Rudy") flies a 2004 Super Decathlon and is scheduling events for the 2009 season. There are only 4 Super Decathlons currently flying on the airshow circuit. It is a unique aircraft with the ability to perform as primary trainer and also as an advanced aerobatic/airshow aircraft. In addition to performing a 250 foot solo aerobatic routine, Mike also performs a semi-aerobatic routine from the surface to 250 feet demonstrating low level maneuvering (up 90 degrees pitch and up to 90 degrees of bank angle) while using terrain to form the appearance of flying below the hills, trees, or runways.

P-51 Flight from ExpressJet Forum by kidicarus5897
So I have this buddy (who is apparently not too affected by this recession) with a lot of cool toys, and so we took his P-51 Mustang the "Grim Reaper" flying today out of Hollister airport in california. In the least oportune time my camera gave up the ghost, so I was only able to get the video on my phone, although it turned out relatively ok. We met up with another P-51 and did some formation and dog-fighting for a good 20 min (the guy who flies Dago Red) I uploaded some of the videos to youtube if anyone is interested.............(I haven't edited the videos)

Austrian pilot Arch close to taking world championship - The Australian, Australia
The 15-year veteran pilot said contenders needed to be world-class aerobatic pilots to be able to handle an aircraft pushing its limits. ...

Red Bull Air Race leader ‘nervous’ heading to Perth - The West Australian, Australia
No alcohol, sightseeing or late nights are the key ingredients for success in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Series, according to current leader ...

The Reno Air Races from Google by Fran├žois
Each year during September an incredible aviation event takes place, the Reno National Championship Air Races. During one week, races are launched one after another over Reno Stead Airfield in Nevada and spectacular shows are presented ...

Airshow Briefing - Flying Magazine
Boggs, retired from the FAA, has been the Air Boss for Warbirds of America since the 1980s and acts as Air Boss at some 25 airshows around the country. ...

Veteran’s Day Parade Returns to Downtown Mesa - EVLiving
Wingspan Air Heritage foundation volunteers work in restoring antique military aircraft vehicles which, along with other artifacts, are used to tell the ...

Another P-38 Pilot Returns Home from (P-38 Assn Blog) by Kelly
Back in September we mentioned the good work of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) in recovering remains of missing American military, and they’ve done it again (This time it is 2nd Lt. Ray D. Packard, U.S. Army Air Forces, of Atwood, CA.) Here’s an excerpt from an article I just read: “On Aug. 25, 1944, [...]

Giant Amphibian from Air & Space Magazine

Engineer bids farewell to 30 years of PAVE LOW - Commando, Hurlburt Field
18, when he accompanied the last state-side MH-53 PAVE LOW from Hurlburt Field on its final flight to the Air Force Heritage Foundation Museum at Hill Air ...

Civil Air Patrol to exchange cadets with 13 countries next year from RSS Feed: News
Cadets representing 13 countries will visit Civil Air Patrol squadrons in the U.S. as participants in next year's International Air Cadet Exchange program.

Competition “Let’s name the M-346” from AVIATION-NEWS by Marcel van Leeuwen

Charles Lowell - Delta County Independent, CO
He continued to fly in B-25, B-26, B29 and B-47 aircraft. He finished his service as deputy commander for intelligence 306th Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force ...

F-10 fighters for aviation show draw attention - China Daily
Two F-10 jet fighters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army landed Wednesday at Zhuhai Airport to prepare for the inauguration of China's largest aviation show. The 7th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition is to open on Nov 4 in Zhuhai ...

China Prepares for Zhuhai Air Show - (subscription)
By wendell minnick Taipei - China is preparing for its 7th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition for Nov. 4-9 in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, ...

The man who shot at a "space ship" from RSS Feed: News
For more than half a century, the few people who knew about the time Milton Torres fired rockets at a giant UFO had only his word for it.

Charley Fox, Spitfire pilot who strafed Rommel from RSS Feed: News
Canadian war veteran Charley Fox - who escaped death many times during his military career - was killed in a car crash Oct. 18 near Tillsonburg, in southwestern Ontario, after attending a Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association meeting. He was 88.

Flying Blind from Ares by Guy NorrisNASA has posted images of the modified F-18 systems research aircraft (SRA) used for the on-going external vision system tests. Although these are helping prove that a camera-equipped aircraft with no forward view windows could be a viable option for a future supersonic business jet, the tests are thought to be attracting more than passing interest from the USAF.

Experience the Magic of Flight!
Your adventure awaits at the National Naval Aviation Museum located on Pensacola Naval Air Station.

Space Tourist, Cosmonauts to Land Tonight from Space tourist Richard Garriott and two cosmonauts hope for a smooth landing tonight.

The Martin Jetpack from Letters from Flyover Country by Bob Collins
Why I didn't do an extensive story on the Martin Jetpack when I saw it at Oshkosh last summer is beyond me. But this week I'm filling in for Jon Gordon on the American Public Media program Future Tense and it struck me as a good idea to marry my job with my hobbies, if only for a day.

Rocket Car Will Hit 1000mph in 40 Seconds, Empty Bowels in About 5 [Rocket Car] from Gizmodo by John HerrmanBritain's Minister of Science Lord Drayson is announcing today the commencement of the Bloodhound rocket car project, which will propel current land speed record-holder and RAF Pilot Andy Green to speed of over 1000mph. This is another step in the sporadically intense fight for the fastest car in the world, but the Minister has a half-hilarious, half-reasonable excuse for it: it'll get British students interested in taking advanced science classes. Nobody really cares about stuff like that because, well, 1000mph.


YouTube - Dreamlifter (via FriendFeed)from FlightBlogger - FriendFeed

U-2 at AirVenture from EAA - The Experimental Aircraft Association
View a photo gallery of the Lockheed U-2 Spyplane at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008.

Thunderbird Formation from Technorati
Not the optimal lighting I would liked to have had, but just watching the flight precision and formation of the USAF Thunderbirds is amazing - I could watch them all day long.

USMC F-4D Skyray from Military Pictures by Scott
Description: USMC F-4D Skyray. Air show static display. MCAS Miramar, October 2008.

Fleet Week San Francisco 2008 - Blue Angels!from Technorati
Here are some awesome videos of Fleet Week San Francisco 2008 on Sunday, Oct 12, 2008! Fleet Week 2008 San Francisco - The RADM Richard O'Kane Naval Sea Cadets attended Fleet Week at Pier 39 in San Francisco 12 Oct 2008. Blue Angels (Treasure Island) 2008

Views out the office window...from PPRuNe Forums by sunshine band

RNAS Yeovilton 081021 from PPRuNe Forums by KarlADrage

Jumping Out of a Plane on an ATV Makes Skydiving, ATVs More Exciting [Stunts]
from Gizmodo by Adam Frucci

[IndianaAviationB+150w.jpg] Hero Remembered from WIBC News
The Carmel man flying a medical helicopter when it went down outside Aurora, Illinois last week, was remembered by family and friends at the Carmel VFW Post. 69-year old Dell Waugh was a regular there, so his friends and fellow veterans gathered to celebrate his life. Waugh's best friend Al MacKinnon says Waugh loved people, loved life and especially loved to fly helicopters. Waugh was shot down 7 times in Vietnam, but couldn't get enough and began flying for Air Angels. Waugh's friend and speaker at his memorial service, Bob Frambes says his friend was a true officer and a gentleman. Four people died in the crash, including a 1 year old girl. Waugh will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

200+ mourn Carmel helicopter pilot from News Headlines More than 200 mourners crowded into the Indiana War Memorial today to pay their respects to a friend, family man and decorated war hero.

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