Monday, October 6, 2008

Indy Transponder 5-October 2342z

Spirits soar at air show - San Diego Union Tribune
The truck stuns spectators, pulling ahead of the MiG-17 and winning the race in a stunt meant to be more a crowd-pleaser than reality.

Flights of fancy from his youth evolved into fancy flights - San Diego Union Tribune
Sometimes the air-show pilot rolls and whips through the air, his eyeballs feel as if they will pop out of his head. And if he'd ever go down at some of the ...

World War II veterans recall their accomplishments - Schenectady Gazette, NY
On display were the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator, B-25 Mitchell and P-51C Mustang. The Collings Foundation has restored the planes and takes them ...

In pictures: The Great North Run - CBBC Newsround, UK
The Red Arrows helped get everything started, flying over the start and leaving smoke in a very bright sky over Newcastle. Most runners who take part do so ...

Racing for the Gold: The Story of Lyle Shelton and the Rare Bear -
A note from Mike - The link above is for a book I'd like to recommend. It is hard to mention Rare Bear and not think of Lyle Shelton. If you search for Lyle Shelton on Wikipedia, you won't find an entry for him - but it pulls up the entry for Rare Bear! Lyle sold the plane a couple of years ago - but you can't review Reno air racing history without bringing up Lyle's name. Now you can read some of his stories. Enjoy the book!

Iran Air show slated for late Oct. -
TEHRAN, Oct. 5 (MNA) - The 4th Iran International Air Show will be held on Kish Island from October 28 to 31, Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) Spokesman Reza Jafarzadeh announced here on Sunday.

A German fighter plane is carefully restored - Modesto Bee, CA
... Central California in early August to interview Kindsvater and photograph his plane, which is stored in a hangar at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater. ...

100th anniversary for French aviation industry from Aviation & Aerospace News
The French aviation industry celebrated its 100th anniversary with an exhibition of aircraft and equipment lined up along the avenue Champs Elysees in the capital, intended to showcase the glamour...

Spectacular Views from rand peck, a life aloft by Rand Peck
... I've witnessed sparkling silver sunsets over Nantucket Sound and the Elizabeth Islands in a Twin Otter and watched magnificent sunrises advance over Mt Rainer, Mt Washington and Mt Fuji from a 757. I've gazed upon the lights of Manhattan while flying low up the Hudson and toured Washington DC while flying low down the Potomac in a DC-9. I've wondered of the vastness of our Great Plains and marveled at our Rocky Mountains, buried deep in brilliant white snow from an Airbus. Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles are spectacularly luminescent at midnight from 35,000 feet in a veteran 727. The soft, muted colors from our dessert southwest during an early morning departure from Phoenix are breathtaking, as is your first glimpse of Diamond Head or Haleakala after six lonely hours over the Pacific. My first view of London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Nagoya through the windscreen of a DC-10 was a moving experience. As exhilarating as these events have been however, nothing quite prepared me for the natural beauty that I was about to experience over Greenland. ...

CAPFLIGHT 2028 - The Big Currency Circle
from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)

Steve Fossett Follow-up

Dan: 2008 MCAS Miramar Air Show (via Flickr) from FriendFeed
US Air Force Strike Eagle from FenceCheck Forums
F-22 Raptor from FenceCheck Forums
Chinese flying boat - half afloat from Military Photos by longlivetaiwan

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