Saturday, October 4, 2008

Indy Transponder 4-October 1000z

Weekend Air Show in Springs - KRDO, CO
Also performing from Canada are the high-performance CF-18, and the Snowbirds--a team similar to the Thunderbirds. The Snowbirds agreed to appear, ...

Air show in Lincoln on Saturday - Sacramento Bee, USA
By Cathy Locke - Pilot Julie Clark of Cameron Park will fly her Beechcraft Mentor T-34 at Lincoln Airport Day & Airshow today. ...

The Great Georgia Air Show flies for community - Fayette Daily News
The two groups whose members generally contribute the bulk of the work are the Great Georgia Airshow’s pair of non-profit presenters: the Kiwanis Club of Peachtree City and the Commemorative Air Force’s Falcon Field based Dixie Wing.

After an unusual absence from MCAS Miramar in 2007, the USN Blue Angels return to the original home of Top Gun for one of the best shows in North America. The Patriots Jet Team, Sean D. Tucker and other all stars complete a full three day line up.
What Do You Think of the Show?

Vance Air Force Base to have air show - Enid News & Eagle, OK
It’s been five years since Vance Air Force Base has hosted an open house and air show. For people living in Enid who support the base and follow news about ...

Amigo Airsho - Newspaper Tree, TX
This year, the Amigo Airsho is implementing a convenient park and ride system. All patrons simply park your vehicle in the designated parking area, ...

Aerobatic Pilots Show KFOX How It's Done -, TX
EL PASO, Texas -- More than 2000 feet above El Paso, KFOX anchor/reporter Peter Daut took center stage in what aerobatic pilots call "three-dimensional ...

Red Bull air race preview for our lucky chief-of-staff - PerthNow, Australia
I GOT a new appreciation of Perth this week. Our city looks even more beautiful when you're 1500 metres above it and upside down. Even on a cloudy day. ...

No jump today, maybe tomorrow from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by (Rodney)
I think that the title kinda summarises things quite well. It's far far far too windy to contemplate a jump today, so it has been put off until tomorrow [the weather is supposed to improve tomorrow]. In the meantime, here's a link to an interesting page/video sent by a good friend up at North Shore Aero Club [hello Mother Goose!], showing a simulation of 24 hours of world-wide commercial air traffic. While I obviously can't vouch for accuracy, it's still a very interesting view of things. Click here to view:

WWII pilot remembers Flying Fortress - Schenectady Gazette, NY
By Justin Mason (Contact) Earl Morrow, a former B-17 pilot and World War II prisoner of war, waits for other aircraft to land behind the Empire State ...

Lesson from WWII: Read the fine print - Florida Times-Union, FL
The B-17 wasn't pressurized and without oxygen they had to reduce altitude and return to base - a dangerous and potentially deadly turn of events because ...

Flying fortress - Peoria Journal Star, IL
"This is our last opportunity to salute the World War II veterans who flew these B-17 bombers." Once the plane is in the air, passengers are able to get out ...

Hooters Air from Flight Image of the Day by Paul Gladman
Aside from its unorthodox neighborhood chain-restaurant tie-in, Hooters Air sought to differentiate itself from other carriers with a distinctive style of in-flight service. The carrier was marketed towards golfers in an effort to bring casual and tournament players to Myrtle Beach's 100+ championship golf courses. Two "Hooters Girls," dressed in their restaurant uniforms, were on each flight assisting the (traditionally attired) in-flight crews with hospitality duties. The airline ceased operations in 2006.

Airport's tourism role could rise - Indianapolis Star, United States
Montgomery Aviation offers pilots and travelers similar services that a hotel concierge would offer, including setting up golf tee times and making dinner ...

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