Friday, October 24, 2008

Indy Transponder 24-October 1000z

Big Sights, Sounds Expected At 2008 NAS Jax Air Show -
The NAS Jax Air Show is a fall tradition in the River City that has thousands turning their heads toward the sky. This year's show is scheduled for Oct. 25 and 26. On Thursday, pilots were practicing their flying feats and getting ready for the 2008 ...

The Wings of Freedom scheduled for takeoff - Florida Times-Union, FL
... a jet-powered 1957 Chevy pickup, a pyro show, sky divers, wing-walkers and aerialist extraordinaire Patty Wagstaff of St. Augustine

Indy airshow a crowd pleaser - Gold Coast News, Australia
INDY spectators were treated to a spectacular display today as the air force took their best machines to the Gold Coast skyline. The F-111s, Red Berets, ...

The USN Blue Angels returned Thursday to NAS Jacksonville, where the team started in 1946. This year's air show poster is a tribute to the first Blue, Butch Voris who passed away in 2005.
A Coach, Principal, and Sheriff Deputy Fly With Seven

Richard Garriott back on earth from RLV and Space Transport News
Richard Garriott and cosmonauts Sergei Volkov and Oleg Kononenko returned safely to earth this evening. There was no problem with the Soyuz reentry as in a previous flight.

Aero-TV: Keeping History Alive -- The B-17 Flying Fortress (Part 2) from Aero-News Network
NEVER, EVER, Forget... LSFM's B-17 Is A Living/Flying Museum Amidst all the gleaming and shiny new whiz-bangs at Oshkosh 2008, were a few ghosts of the past. Birds that had seen better days and been forced to prove themselves on the field of battle not once but a hundred times... and more.

Pilot Recounts Tale Of 1957 UFO Encounter from Aero-News Network
Says He Has "Not The Foggiest Idea" What Actually Happened More than a half-century after being ordered to fire on a massive UFO, a retired American pilot remains frustrated that he's been unable to uncover the truth behind the encounter.

Lightning Glider? from Ares by Guy Norris
Media were treated to a close-up view on Oct. 23 of the first Lockheed Martin F-35A Joint Strike Fighter at the tail-end of its first deployment away from home base at Fort Worth, Texas. F-35A and F-16 chase break for landing overhead at Edwards AFB. (all pics Guy Norris) The aircraft had spent most of the month being used for potentially dangerous in-flight engine re-light tests, and with its vast expanses of unrestricted airspace, long runways and dry lakebeds, Edwards was the venue of choice. The project test pilot Jeff “Slim” Knowles successfully re-started the F-35A’s P&W F135 engine on 12 separate occasions over three sorties. Each time, for around two minutes, the F-35A was flying un-powered. Knowles therefore becomes the all-time highest JSF glider pilot with 24 minutes of flying time under his belt. “Hopefully a record that will never have to be beaten,” says Knowles who is expected to ferry the F-35A back to Texas later today (24th)...

USAF Launches Two New Programs To Attract UAV Pilots from Aero-News Network
Specialized Program Wants Candidates With No Military Flight Experience The urgent need for more personnel capable of operating unmanned aerial vehicles has led the US Air Force to launch two new training programs... including one bound to raise eyebrows in the fighter pilot community.

The Military Family Network
Despite having an air show the next day to prepare for, Air Force Master Sgt. Robin Brooks decided to play the odds of becoming the “next contestant on ‘The ...

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