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Indy Transponder 15-October 1000z

Wings Over Marietta show will have Air Force Thunderbirds - Access Atlanta, GA
John Klatt. The elite team of F-16 pilots perform about 30 maneuvers in solo and team routines at speeds of several hundred miles an hour. ...

Reno Screenings from Chasing the Dream
Thank you to all who attended the sneak preview screenings of “Chasing the Dream” at the...
Pre-order your DVD today! Thank you to everyone who has reserved a DVD. You can reserve your copy now by emailing your name,... Photo from Chasing the Dream

FAA OKs Rocket Racing League Racer for Exhibitions at Over 20 Venues from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
Rocket Racing, Inc. today announced that it has been granted an Experimental Exhibition Certificate from the FAA for the first of its next-generation Rocket Racer that has been selected as the baseline design for the fleet moving forward. This exhibition type certification marks the first time in the FAA's history that a production level rocket powered aircraft has been cleared to perform exhibition flight demonstrations at over 20 venues across the U.S.

Rocket racing observations from RLV and Space Transport News
Jeff Foust comments on the
press release from the Rocket Racing League about the FAA certification for the exhibition flights with the Armadillo "A-racer" : Rocket racing: taking off next year? - Personal Spaceflight. As Jeff indicates, after 50 or so successful flights and about 500 firings of the engine, the XCOR version of the racer seems about as safe and reliable as one could possibly expect at this stage of development. So this "observer" certainly doesn't understand Granger Whitelaw's comments to the contrary. My guess is that it's all about money. Armadillo is as lean an operation as one could imagine. Though most members of the organization apparently now get at least a nominal salary, it still runs like the small, tightly knit volunteer operation it's always been. In addition, their pressure-fed system is much simpler than the pumped-fed XCOR engine. The latter is more efficient (which will be important for the Lynx vehicles) but that's probably not a big issue for the races. So the bottom line is that Armadillo can provide a really low cost system with the requisite performance and features and RRL will now make more money when it sells vehicles to the teams. In his Space Review article, Jeff noted that both groups appear to have benefited from the RRL. XCOR made solid progress towards its Lynx suborbital vehicles and Armadillo got lots of operational experience that will help it in the Lunar Lander Challenge next week. Furthermore, Armadillo will now have more resources to help it develop a high altitude vehicle of its own.

The Federal Aviation Administration granted Rocket Racing, Inc an experimental exhibition certificate for the first of its next-generation Rocket Racer. In addition, it approved twenty venues for exhibitions across the US in 2009.

What Air Shows Are on the List?

Sunny Perth in Western Australia plays host to the final showdown of the Red Bull Air Race World Series on Nov. 1-2 where the 2008 championship title will be decided between Austria’s Hannes Arch and Britain’s Paul Bonhomme.
View the Standings

This Week In Military/Aviation History 13 - 19 October from Warbirds Online by Tom Kwiatkowski Sr.
Hello Folks. Betcha thought I forgot, didn’t ya. Well, you were right. I actually did. My bad. That said, let’s get down to some serious history, shall we?Have an AB FAN week,Take Care and Be Safe,Tom K.;)

Uncontrolled Airspace:The General Aviation Podcast: Uncontrolled Airspace #103 "Bluetoothed to Death" from Blogging Pilots
Dave fills us in on the recent NBAA expo, we marvel at how electronics are blamed for a bumpy ride in Asia, and we make no secret of how much we don't like the new TSA GA security proposal. It was a...

Museum to be featured on CMT's 'Top 20 Countdown' - McGuire Air Force Base
The show's host, Lance Smith, and other crewmembers filmed parts of the museum during their visit to Dayton in mid-October.

Aviation High School needs Seattle's OK for new home - Seattle Post Intelligencer
By JESSICA BLANCHARD The Highline School District is ready to move forward with plans to build a new home for its innovative Aviation High School at the ...

San Francisco Fleet Week 2008 from FenceCheck Forums

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