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Indy Transponder 7-July 0950z

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Goshen’s Freedom Fest 2008 air show honors veterans, celebrates ... WNDU-TV, IN
It was Freedom Fest 2008 at the Goshen Air Center, which meant it was time for air stuntmen and women to hit the skies. From aerobatic pilots to skywriting ...

Vulcan Bomber Flies For First Public View In 15 Years from Aero-News Network
Massive Cold War Era Jet Displayed Over Former Base At RAF Waddington Airshow After a 15 year silence, the roar of four Bristol Olympus 301 turbojets resounded over the normally quiet English countryside as the last flying Avro Vulcan bomber returned to the skies for public display for the first time since retired in 1993.

Air Commandos featured at Navy Compass, CA
The program will begin at 10 am with a seminar describing the history of United States Air Commando operations and conclude with a flight demonstration by ...

B-17 ‘Liberty Belle’ Makes Historic Trip To England Aero-News Network, FL
The B-17 “Liberty Belle” touched down in the United Kingdom on July 3 at the Prestwick Airport in Scotland on the final leg of its transatlantic crossing ...

A Concorde Is Disfigured While Parked in Brooklyn New York Times, United States
So Mr. White found a temporary home for the jet at Aviator Sports, a recreational complex at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. ...

Flights of fancy Sunshine Coast Daily, Australia
... Caloundra residents would have noticed millions of dollars worth of Royal Australian Navy aircraft hovering over the Queensland Air Museum. ...

Vintage Avro from Flight Image of the Day by Paul Gladman
Avro Lancaster & Avro Vulcan flying together at Waddington Air Show 5th July 2008

Shuttleworth 060708 pics from PPRuNe Forums by Man-on-the-fence
The rain is becoming somewhat tiresome this year, added to the wind this meant that many of the lighter aircraft stayed firmly in the hangars. But what did fly put on a great show as usual.

Terre Haute Indiana on PBS on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.
Follow the link below and scroll down to the segment on Issues with Large Commercial Carriers Trouble Small Town Airports. Click on

Tour brings antique planes to local airport St. Cloud Times, MN
A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Consolidated B-24 Liberator, B-25 Mitchell and P-51 Mustang will fly in with the Collings Foundation’s Wings of Freedom Tour. ...

Kent Couch's Helium Balloon Lawn Chair Success from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Kent Couch, 48, Saturday lifted off from a pasture in Bend, Ore., suspended in a green lawn chair beneath a collection of more than 150 giant helium-filled party balloons, and covered about 235 miles in about nine hours, landing in Cambridge, Idaho. Couch controlled his ascent and descent with a Red Ryder BB gun and ballast (in this case, 15-gallon barrels of cherry Kool Aid). Couch also carried two GPS units -- one for himself and one for the chair, just in case it got away again (last year, it blew away on landing). He also had with him a blowgun and steel darts ... and boiled eggs, jerky and chocolate. The balloons give about four pounds of lift, each. The chair and supporting structure weighs about 400 pounds, and one Couch plus parachute weigh in at about 200. The flight cost about $6,000 for aircraft and fuel, or in this case, the rig itself and the helium, a cost that was defrayed by "corporate sponsors," according to The Associated Press. "If I had the time and money and people, I'd do this every weekend," said Couch. "Things just look different from up there. You're moving so slowly. The best thing is the peace and serenity." His wife Susan added, "It's never been a dull moment since I married him." The flight was Couch's third.

Helium Balloon Failure, Body Found from AVwebFlash Current Issue
The body of 42-year-old priest Adelir Antonio de Carli, who April 20 attempted to raise money for a worship center and rest stop for truckers by flying below an array of helium-filled balloons, may have been found in the Atlantic. Police in Brazil are investigating the findings of a tugboat crew 60 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state. The priest had departed the southern port city of Paranagua for Dourados, 465 miles away. He took with him on the trip skydiving experience, a helmet, thermal suit, a parachute and what has been described as a buoyant chair. Aside from his philanthropic intents, it was his attempt to break a record for 19 hours aloft in such a contraption. After de Carli went missing, his former paraglider instructor told the that he had instructed Carli but later asked him to "abandon the course" because in his estimation Carli had personality traits that were "not ideal for a paraglider." The body is wearing the clothes and shoes of de Carli, but officials will wait for DNA tests to confirm the remains are indeed those of the priest.

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