Sunday, July 27, 2008

Indy Transponder 27-July 0210z

Blue Thunder Air Racing - via AAFO
Construction progress on "Blue II"

July 2008 report

This report is out a little early because I will be leaving for Oshkosh on the 26th,
and I would like to get this out before I leave. ...

Heads in the clouds - BCLocalNews, Canada
The Peninsula girl found out she was invited to meet the Snowbirds. And for the past five months, Leslie has been waiting eagerly for this week, ...

Oskosh begins next week! from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
The little red Lancair downstairs won’t be making it to Oshkosh this year. Darn. Still working on the engine, and not getting much time to do it between other necessary things. So I’ve been negligent doing any posting about Oshkosh. ...

AirVenture Cup Race launches Sunday from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
This year the race is between Mitchell SD and Dodge County WI. The state of South Dakota and Mitchell have really helped out the race this year, donating money and sending several state Aeronautics Commissioners to help out. They’re jazzed about the race, and enthusiastic about hosting it again in 2010. ...

Oshkosh Diary - Day 1
from Letters from Flyover Country by Bob Collins
Son of a gun. It is like coming home.
I arrived at Oshkosh around 2 ...

Oshkosh Fever Nearing Peak from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)

If you go to The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum - Peoria Journal Star, IL
... (260) 925-9100 or, and the Hoosier Air Museum, dedicated to the preservation of aviation history, ...

Wetaskiwin Air Show honors veterans, past and present from News
The Reynolds-Alberta Museum, 2 km west of the City of Wetaskiwin will be the site of the annual air show on July 26 & 27, 2008. Admission to the show is free and includes access to the Museum and...

Sunderland International Airshow 2008 from Technorati
What - no planes? I think the same thing happened last year when we took the short trip from South Shields down the coast to the beach at Seaburn. Like last year it was once again a beautiful warm sunny day when we left the house in readiness for four hours of aerobatic displays, but a thick misty sea fret rolled in about 400 metres inland and forced the cancelation of flying for the afternoon. (See the background image) All was not lost and the 200,000 spectators still enjoyed picnics on ...

They get paid to do this from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
SAN DIEGO (July 22, 2008) Freefall parachute jumpers leap from a C-130 at 12,500 feet over San Diego as part of their regular training cycle with Naval Special Warfare Logistical Support Group One. Certified jumpers must jump ...

WhiteKnightTwo to be unveiled on Monday, space to seem less far away
from Engadget by Darren Murph
Hold onto your dollar bills, y'all -- the WhiteKnightTwo is set to be unveiled (and swooned over) on Monday. We knew the fabled space tourism vehicle was set to be unwrapped this month, but knowing that said event is merely hours away just gets our juices flowin'. Richard Branson and "other dignitaries" are preparing to officially launch the ship at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California (a short drive from Zzyzx, we hear), and we're still being led to believe that test flights should begin as early as this fall. Hey, at least you know what you're doing next year if your ship comes in.

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