Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red Star, The Dragon, and The Wolf

Press Release - For Immediate Release

Dragon Aviation Inc. and Red Alert, Inc.announced today that they have added a new act to their inventory. Now, in addition to RED STAR and THE DRAGON the jet dogfighting act currently being performed on the air show circuit, a World War II style dogfight is available. RED STAR and THE WOLF uses a Nanchang CJ6 in Russian colors and a Fock Wulf 149D in Luftwaffe markings this exciting one on one dogfight will be ready to appear at airshows by the end of July 2008. Although originally slated to debut in the 2009 air show season the current cost of fuel, the loss of sponsor support by some shows and budget restraints has justified the acceleration of this act.

"This is essentually the same act as RED STAR and THE DRAGON except using prop aircraft and changing the venue from a cold war senario to World War II. The econommical benifits of 28 gallons per act for the prop planes verses 200 gallons per act for the jets should be quite attractive to many shows that do not have the budgets for a jet act. That coupled with the shorter runway requirements makes this a great act for the smaller airfields," stated Andy Anderson President of Dragon Aviation.

Go to and click on the RED STAR and The WOLF tab to see more information about the act.

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