Saturday, September 17, 2011

A sad day at the Reno Air Races

At this point we just want to reiterate our sadness over yesterday's events at Reno.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all.  We are heavy hearted and know that is a shared emotion right now in the aviation community.

The news feed in the right column has everything the main stream media has been sharing.  A few things of note are below.

2011 Reno Air Races - Friday Statement - Live Airshow TV - Videos | Friends, the entire LiveAirAhowTV crew is safe and uninjured. We're sure you share in our sadness at the tragic events in Reno Friday. The remainder of the 48th running of the air races have been cancelled. We'll be returning to Stead Field Saturday and should there be any information we think you would be interested in we will pass it along.

Prayers for Reno - Parrothead Jeff | Today the air races in Reno, NV saw a terrible tragedy.

In Tribute to Jimmy Leeward and the Galloping Ghost - Flight Monkeys

Jimmy Leeward - You Fly, Girl | Jimmy Leeward (Born c. 1931 - Sept 16, 2011) was an American air racer, owner of the Leeward Air Ranch in Florida, and the pilot of the heavily modified P-51 Mustang racing aircraft "Galloping Ghost." 

Pilot in air show crash was skilled airman - Toronto Star | A vintage World War II-era fighter plane plunged into the grandstands Friday during a popular annual air show. Pilot Jimmy Leeward, pictured, was one of the people who died in the incident.  ...

Jimmy Leeward (Galloping Ghost) And Unknown Number Of Spectators Lose Life At Reno Air Races - AirPigz  [Photo via AirPigz]

Before assuming age was a the cause of the Reno crash today... - Airplanista Digital Aviation Magazine by Dan Pimentel | People who know zero about aviation are reacting all over the media and Twitter tonight that Pilot Jimmy Leeward's age was the cause of the terrible crash in Reno today. So to educate those who are tweeting without knowing facts, here is a breakdown of Leeward's FAA information from their database (my emphasis in red): ...

Here's a couple of stories we had in queue for today's air racing post before the tragedy:

Salinas Airshow Reacts to Reno Plane Crash - | Airshow officials said, an accident like this could never happen at an air show. California International Airshow Executive Director Harry Wardwell said what happened in Reno was at an air race, with aircrafts that race each other. ...

Orinda residents take flight at Reno air races - San Jose Mercury News | "This" is air racing -- what happens when you take NASCAR, put it 50 feet in the air, more than double the speeds and substitute former fighter planes for stock cars. "We are the only air race of our kind in the entire world," said ...

Reno Air Races – Fun Photography! -  Moose Peterson

Video: First post restoration flight of Furias from Warbirds Online

Update: Dec 7, 2011 - Below pulled from front page and preserved here:

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