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Reno Air Races News Summary 16-SEP-2011 Part II

Update 4: We are in shock with the rest of the aviation community over the tragedy that has taken place.  We want to continue to offer our prayers to Jimmy's family, and to those impacted by this incident.  

Update 3: Rest of the event is cancelled per press conference on the news.  We'll post a link to the press conference when it is available.

Update 2: 775-972-6663 For information on friends and family who were attending the Reno Air Races.

Update: Just spoke to Roger. He saw the incident. He is fine. Prayers out to those impacted by this.  Updates when they become available.

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Reno Air Racing Association's Video Recap of Thursday - YouTube | Daily rap starts at about the 3 minute mark.  Daily postings can be found here.

Visit the National Championship Air Races Official Website and learn about each airplane and racer.  Listen to the announcers.  Review qualifying times and races results. And you can WATCH THE RACES LIVE!

2011 Reno Air Races - Thursday Report Pt 2 - Live Airshow TV - Videos | Racing highlights from Thursday at the Reno National Championship Air Races. Plus, get the "Inside Story" from Unlimited Champion John Penney as he talks strategy for Friday's Unlimited Gold Heat Race.

Three county residents in Reno air race - San Luis Obispo Tribune | Three county residents are participating in the 48th annual National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nev. The air races and air show started Wednesday and runs through Sunday. The local residents include Kevin Eldredge, Scott Nelson ...

Video: Preparing a Formula 1 plane for a heat at the Reno air races from

Photo: Biplanes race at the Reno air races this morning from

1947 Reunion from Moose Peterson Aviation Photography | The first time these two aircraft meet was on the ramp on the Cleveland Air Races in 1947. Back then #74 Super Corsair and the modified P-51D Galloping Ghost were spring chickens. So this morning on the ramp at Stead Airport, home of the Reno Air Races, these two champs were reunited. Both aircraft look  ...

Reno through 9-15-2011 - Michele Boland's photo gallery on Picasa

Reno 2011 - Let The Races Begin! Thursday 9.15.11 (15 Pix) from AirPigz | I arrived at Stead Field in Reno before the sun came up this morning (Thursday) and I had a feeling that there'd be some good stuff to see as the sun was rising. As the pic above shows, Strega was out in the smooth morning air making some beautiful music. I assume it was just a test flight, but it sure made for a great way to see the start of my first day at Reno 2011. ...

Air Races–Wednesday & Thursday from | Finally got some free time to sit and write a post. Thursday I hosted a gathering of USAFA graduates in my hangar and was tied up all day.  Here are some photos I have taken the past couple of days.  2011 Race qualification times:  This is  a composite of the qualification times board(s) that are in the Biplane/Formula One pit hangar. I took this Wednesday morning. There were still a few qualification flights made later in ...

204th Airlift Squadron Arrives at Reno September 15, 2011 from Warbirdbabe's Blog | Yesterday the 204th Air Lift Squadron flew into the Reno National Air Championship Races and Air Show and I had the pleasure to meet and photograph a few of the handsome young men serving our country.  I caught them as they were touring the pits in their “Mule” collecting Reno Race mementoes and admiring the War Birds like the rest of us. ...

Voodoo Pit Webcam -  Not at the races?  Keep an eye on the Voodoo Pit!

Mike Dacy update via the announcer broadcast:  Mike has a couple of cracked vertebrae and cracked ribs, but he is safe. He walked away from the mishap yesterday.  Some great piloting skill was displayed getting the plane down without power.  The staffs of LiveAirShowTV and the Indy Transponder wish Mike a speedy recovery!

Evanflys - Hi all my aviation friends!  Before we go to Reno tomorrow after school, I want to share some stuff; Here is my interview with Steve Hinton.  What a great guy! Here are my photos and review from the California Capital Air Show.  Also, here's two videos my dad did:  Team Rocket Aerobatics, And saving the best for last, my good friend Eddie Andreini at Watsonville - Evan

DAHER-SOCATA’s TBM 850 very fast turboprop aircraft is on display at the 48th National Championship Air Races - Press Release | Reno, Nevada, September 16, 2011: DAHER-SOCATA is to exhibit its TBM 850 very fast turboprop aircraft during this weekend’s 48th National Championship Air Races, in Reno, Nevada, which is one of the world's most unique aviation and motorsports events.  The participation follows a high-profile air race challenge between the TBM 850 and a World War II P-51 Mustang fighter in July at the 2011 EAA AirVenture aviation gathering in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In that friendly fly-off, performed over a traditional six-lap course utilized for the National Air Race Championships’ Unlimited category, the TBM 850 crossed the finish line a few seconds ahead of the P-51.  “As DAHER-SOCATA marks the 100th anniversary of its aircraft manufacturing activity in 2011 – which has been set to the themes of speed ...

Friday:  We'll update this post every 2 hours today with new stories as they become available.

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