Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NEVADA AEROSPACE HALL OF FAME Inducts it's first class

On November 6, 2010, the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame conducted the state of Nevada's inaugural ceremony to recognize nine of its many aerospace icons into the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame.  Visit their page for a summary of the evening's activities.

The summary page also features a video summary of the career of each inductee:
  • Capt. William R. "Bob" Hausler
  • Col. John A. Macready
  • Lowell H Smith
  • Cmdr. Bruce A. van Voorhis
  • Robert "Bob" Timm
  • John W. Cook, Sr.
  • Clarence "Kelly" Johnson
  • Joseph A. Walker
  • Marie Elizabeth McMillan
Visit the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame web page.


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