Sunday, November 28, 2010

Indy Transponder 28-NOV-2010 2345z

Air Zoo unveils expansion plan from General Aviation News 
Thanks to a grant, the Air Zoo is expanding with a 50,000-square-foot exhibit hall addition to its Main Campus beginning this month. ...

Plane Talk - Plainview Daily Herald
... Mo., in the Beech E-90 King Air prop jet, then jumped into his Wittman Tailwind and flew to Taylor for the last air race of the year. ...

Tracking JF-17 Progress Information Post Zhuhai Air Show - GrandeStrategy
There is a lot of new information and data coming out after the recently concluded Zhuhai Air Show. The information is however presently only available to ...

Why I Flew my Hunter through Tower Bridge - 5th April 1968 by Flight Lieutenant Al Pollock - Al Pollock and Flypast Magazine
ALAN POLLOCK, the man who flew a Hunter Jet through the middle of Tower Bridge on April 5, 1968 has agreed to tell his own story exclusively to FlyPast.
His daredevil antics caused a storm of controversy at the time, but the Royal Air Force refused to court martial him, preferring, instead to have a Medical Board discharge him.
He was not court martialled, he claims, because his outspoken views on the fighting effectiveness of the Royal Air Force and the lack of RAF 50th anniversary flying celebrations in l968, might provide embarassing publicity.
It has also since transpired that his one-man anniversary display inadvertently co-incided with the recently exposed 'coup plot' against Prime Minister Harold Wilson's Labour Government.
Now, for the first time since the incident, he has agreed to reveal why he made his incredible flight, which captured the country's imagination and describe his fascinating personal account of that fateful day. ...
The Anatomy Of A U-2 Space Suit by
Courtesy: 380th Air Expeditionary Wing

110 Inch Aircraft Tire Test (1945) by
Aircraft Wheel Inertia Drag Loads, Drag Load Test on 110-inch S. C. Airplane Tire. Air Technical Service Command Wright-Patterson AFB OH 19 APR 1945

Formation flight Sunday. B-36s from Planeshots
More formation flights:  Sabres, Vampires, Mustangs and Liberators, Canberras, TBD-1s,  and more

Sunday Fantasy - xplanes

Avro Vulcan Spectacular Take Off from Military Photos 

10 Must See Aviation Music Videos from Plastic Pilot 
Lucky you, I spent hours searching for the best videos combining aviation and music, and here are my 10 favorites.
Be careful with the first one, it is sticky and addictive. And the last one… Well, have fun looking at them. ...

Collection : Skydiving Santa from

Ariane-5 Launched from Kourou Spaceport from Spaceports 
On 26 November Ariane V198, an Ariane 5 version, two telecom satellites: Intelsat 17 and Hylas-1, from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana at Kourou. The flawless launch delivered Hylas-1, ESA's first public--private partnership in a full satellite system, into space. The satellite was released into its transfer orbit after  ...

Americans in Orbit: 50 Years (in 2012) from Spaceports 
Americans in Orbit - 50 Years is working to inspire students to pursue careers in space exploration, aerospace engineering, and space science. Interesting educational project is also on Facebook.


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