Monday, November 29, 2010

Dragon II is now in MARINE CORPS Colors for 100 years of Military Aviation

From a computer generated drawing to reality - Dragon II of the Air Show Jet Team -  Red Star and The Dragon is now in her MARINE CORPS colors carrying the Vietnam Service ribbon on her tail for the 2011 celebration of 100 years of Military Aviation. Using state of the art computer CAD programs Dragon Aviation was able to see the impact of the new color scheme and make adjustments to it before the paint was applied. The computer image of Dragon II was able to be "Flown" on the screen so that the color sceme could be viewed from the air show audience's perspective and adjusted for the best effect. 

The "Red Dragon" was added to DragonII as a decal due to time constraints when Dragon I was retired. Now that the season has finished the actual artwork was completed after two weeks of sanding taping and painting.

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