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Downdrafts cited by NTSB as probable cause of Steve Fossett's fatal crash from Aircrew Buzz by B. N. Sullivan
Steve FossettThe U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has completed its investigation of the aircraft accident that claimed the life of legendary aviator Steve Fossett. The NTSB's final report on the accident cites as probable cause: The pilot's inadvertent encounter with downdrafts that exceeded the climb capability of the airplane. Contributing to the accident were the downdrafts, high density altitude, and mountainous terrain.
The NTSB found no evidence of engine malfunction or airframe failure that would have contributed to the accident. ...

Steve Fossett Plane Crash Cause Determined from Airline News-Aerospace News-Aviation Podcast

Pensacola Beach Air Show - Pensacola News Journal
Get ready for an action-packed, thrill-seeking weekend during this year's Pensacola Beach Air Show featuring civilian and military aircraft including the ...

Geneseo air show this weekend - News 10NBC
The Geneseo air show is this weekend, but today 60 children from Rochester got an advance look at the F-15 fighter jets and they also got a chance to talk ...

Going to the Air Show? Read this first - Springfield News Sun
Ty Greenlees/Ty Greenlees Attendees claim a spot in the shade at the 2008 Vectren Dayton Air Show. By Jennie Szink, Staff Writer Updated 5:16 PM Thursday, ...

Pilots want to 'wow' you and live to tell about it - Dayton Daily News
Ty Greenlees/Staff Photographer Sean Tucker knows the importance of practice. He has lost 30 friends in accidents due to flyer error. submitted ON PHYSICAL ...

Seafair :: Festival Events :: Air Show from
The KeyBank Air Show and Chevrolet Cup are the culmination of the month-long Seafair Festival and is undoubtedly the "Seafair weekend" that thousands look forward to each Summer. The action-packed three-day party includes the fastest powerboats in the world, the Unlimited Hydroplanes, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, fabulous northwest food and a spectacular Saturday evening fireworks show.
For many though across the Pacific Northwest, summer and Seafair reach their pinnacle as the six pilots behind the yokes of the "Blue" Boeing F/A-18 Hornets make their thunderous and spectacular appearance at the KeyBank Air Show presented by Boeing. Look skyward, run to the window or pull the car over, the Blue Angels will be soaring above Seafair again in 2009, July 31-August 2.

RIAT: Show returns with multi-nation support - Flightglobal, UK
Under current plans the militaries of more than 20 nations will send aircraft, with their contributions including numerous aerobatic display teams, including the RAF's Red Arrows and Italy's Frecce Tricolori. But with the production life of the US Air ...

EVENT: American Heroes Air Show | RC Heli Resource by Dan Goldstein
Where all of your RCHelicopter Resources are Consolidated!

Free Friday – Enter to win 4 air show tickets from the Yankee Air ... - WDIV
It's Free Friday and Local 4 and are giving away 4 tickets to the 2009 Chrysler Jeep Superstores Thunder over Michigan Air Show in the ...

WWII vet gets a "Sentimental Journey" - Latah Eagle
... of the Commemorative Air Force during a media flight in Lewiston, part of a three day visit sponsored by Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 328. ...

B-36 on Display at the Pima Air and Space Musuem - Tucson Weekly
A Convair B-36J Peacemaker, the largest bomber ever built by the United States, was slowly rolled out onto the grounds of the Pima Air and Space Museum on ...

Avro Arrow from Military Photos by beatles101
the Avro Arrow was like one of the best canadian fighters built in the 1950's
The Avro Arrow was born out of the neccessity for the protection of Canada. During the height of the Cold War (1950's) era, the soviets had introduced new long range bombers, that were capable of flying over the North Pole to attack North America. This was a very serious threat as the continent lived in fear of a surprise nuclear attack.
Its role was to replace the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck as a supersonic all weather interceptor.
Canada's then current fighter, the CF-100 Canuck, was a sub mach aircraft and not capable of filling this need so the design of the CF-105 Avro Arrow was implemented in 1953. Production was started and less then 4 years later, the Arrow was completed. ...

The Assault Glider Trust from
In the summer of 2000, veterans of the Midland Branch of the Glider Pilot Regimental Association decided that an appropriate memorial to airborne forces would be a complete Airspeed Horsa assault glider. This site follows the construction of this unique piece of aviation history. Please note that all visits to the project are by appointment only.

Events, exhibits 40 years after man on moon - Atlanta Journal Constitution
ARMSTRONG AIR & SPACE MUSEUM, WAPAKONETA, OHIO: July 16-18, "Summer Moon Festival" (Thursday, 4 pm-11 pm, Friday, 1 pm-midnight, Saturday, 7 am-midnight), ...

Save 10% at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - City Guide Magazine
One of the world's largest maritime museums, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, is housed aboard the 900-foot-long ESSEX class aircraft carrier Intrepid, ...

Capt Force Joins the Glass Mafia from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
Last night, I wiped the bugs off the CAP Cessna 182T Nav III, buttoned up the plane, and then drove home with that sense of satisfaction that comes after a successful checkride. I had just passed my CAP Form 5 checkout in the aircraft. I'm now qualified to fly the airplane both VFR and IFR for CAP. ...

Videos: Midway, P-47s Attack, Bazookas & B-58s On the Deck from Military Photos by zeno303
... 58 Hustler: Low Altitude Bombing Capability - Premiere!
See a simulated low level, long range B-58 Hustler attack launched from Carswell AFB in Texas against Edwards AFB in California that demonstrates the Hustler's outstanding ability to slip in under enemy radar at phenomenal speeds. Much of the mission is flown at up to 700 mph at on-the-deck altitudes. Down low, the B-58's delta wing exhibited exceptional handling characteristics. You'll see sensational from-the-cockpit views of the Hustler booming along over mountains and prairie. This film ...

Denton AirShow 1354 on Flickr by Shutter_Hand
Westland Wasp (RN) Old Warden, July 2009 from PPRuNe Forums by Old Photo.Fanatic
B-24 fire in cockpit burned away nose gear... from
Waddington Airshow pictures/Videos - by MYT DC-10

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