Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zeltweg Air Power 2009

We received this submission from Frederic Cotton earlier this week. Our apologies for the slow turn around on getting this posted. Here's is Frederic's summary, with some editing by yours truly (Mike S)

A little selection of pictures taken during the Austrian's Air Force meeting.
Airpower is a big event in Austria, because it's a small country with a limited number of air bases, so when the Austrian Air Force decides to organize an air show, they're seeing things in Technicolor!
Estimates are that 232000 people came during the two days of Airpower 2009 and they organized a special organization for spotters (like me)!
The show is sponsored by Red Bull energy drink.
That meant a huge number of aircraft from the Red Bull collection and more important to my eyes, the P-38 Ligthning!
Zeltweg is situated in the Alpes Mountain, so the panorama is beautifull but the weather can change at an incredible speed. Luck prevailed - the weather was rarely sunny, but the rain decided to leave us alone!

Slides start with the tenants of Zeltweg,the new Austrian's Eurofighter Typhoon, who have made a very impressive show!
Then, Netherland Air force came wiht her solo display F-16 in her new (and beautifull colors)!
Hungarian Air force came with her new fighter, the Saab Gripen
Austrian Army put on a great show with their choppers!
Far from her home an Agusta A109 from Belgian army
Swiss Air force came with their acrobatic team "Patrouille Suisse"
Turkish Stars made an appearance also
Then the Breitling Jet Team
Classic aircraft took the skies also: A very unique douglas DC-2, no not a DC3 an DC-2, amazing!
Unique again an Dornier DO-24T!
An authentic Messerschmit BF-109G!
Then the "members" of the Red Bull collection. (Stateside fans may recognize a certain P-38 Lightning!)

And the last picture, In Frederic's words: Oh I've almost forget to talk to you about the most important think who have occured during the show, a pilot school have installed a recruitment booth , and when I've seen there teachers, I couldn't resist and signed for long studies!

For those viewing via RSS or Email, you might want to click on the title above and visit this on the site so you can view the slide show. Some great photos were submitted.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to Frederic for taking the time to compile these and share them with us all.

Also of interest - there is a brief video from the show on the official website:
Zeltweg Air Power 2009

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