Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photos from recent NY State air shows: Binghamton and Geneseo

By Laszlo Nyary

BINGHAMTON, NY. July 4-5, 2009

The Binghamton air show is one of those air shows that is worth the visit despite its relatively small size. This year by hosting the USN Blue Angels, USAF F-16 Viper West Demo, USMC AV-8B Harrier Demo, and the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, the teams made the air show a very special event. Other performers included Rob Holland MX2 Aerobatics, Carol Pilan wing walking demonstration among others, such as the WWII B-25 warbird, and the L-29 Delfin jet. There were only three WWII warbirds at the show: B-17 Memphis Belle, C-47 Skytrain and a B-25, and only one of them the B-25 flew during the show. Click here to see the images.

GENESEO, NY. July 10-12, 2009

Geneseo's 'Greatest Shown on Turf' is one of the classic air shows in the USA. 'Go Navy' was the theme for the 30th anniversary of the air show at this charming airport with a grass runway (turf). Enjoy the digital images that I took of the many US Navy WWII warbirds such as the Helldiver, Hellcat, Wildcat and Corsairs, in the air, on the ground and from air-to-air. There were other aircraft both Navy and Air Force from Canada such as the Canso PVY (Canadian built Catalina), Harvards and WWI replicas buzzing around. The USAF F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team was present too, and they performed the Heritage Flight with a P-51D Mustang piloted by Dale 'Snort' Snodgrass. Rob Holland performed as well dazzling the crowds. Click here to see the images.

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