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Indy Transponder 26-JUL-09 2000z

Sunderland Air Show goes down a bomb - Sunday Sun
ONE of the last remaining Vulcan bombers in the world stunned crowds on Wearside yesterday as it made a majestic entrance at the Sunderland Air Show. The opening day of the two-day event - celebrating its 21st birthday this year - saw a whopping 300000 ...

Oshkosh Diary - Sunday July 26, 2009 from Letters from Flyover Country by Bob Collins
We amateur economists -- and these days, what economists aren't amateurs? -- have been figuring we'd use AirVenture as one of the barometers of house the economy is affecting people. After all, aviation isn't an essential and finding one's way to the middle of Wisconsin is an optional way to spend a week.
As evidenced -- sort of -- by the picture above, the early indication is more people will be at AirVenture this year than last year. Usually the field around where I set up camp each year doesn't fill up at my neck of the field until Sunday afternoon. But by Saturday afternoon this year,the tide of humanity has reached me. ...

EAA's AirVenture 2009 from Technorati
Hello again everybody. For the very few who don't know, the Experimental Aircraft Association hosts an annual airshow called AirVenture (more popularly known as Oshkosh). My partner in crime, Chris, will be joining me as we experience one of the largest airshows in the world. Chris and I will be camping from Monday all the [...]
More AirVenture News - Here
and don't forget - AirVenture's official website

An historic flight, 100 years ago today from Bayou Renaissance Man by Peter
On July 25th, 1909, Frenchman Louis Blériot flew across the English Channel for the first time, crash-landing in the grounds of Dover Castle.
His aircraft, a Blériot Model XI, is today preserved in the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris, France.

Pilots pay tribute to aviation pioneer - Sydney Morning Herald
The 50-year-old Swedish pilot, a keen aviation historian, said: "I hope my flight will help people to remember what Bleriot and the other aviation pioneers ...

World War II vet looks back on eventful life - Tampa Tribune, FL
The starboard engines were hit, then the B-17's right wing. The bombardier was injured, the plane over Bremen, Germany, on fire. Through the plane the pilot's voice boomed: "Attention! Attention! Prepare to bail out. Prepare to bail out. ...

Video of the AeroShell Ride and the Saturday Performance at Battle Creek from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
As many of you know, I got a ride with The AeroShell Team at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Airshow and Balloon Festival this year. Although I've posted some frame grabs, I hadn't been through all of the video.
The video of my ride itself was pretty good, especially considering the fact that it was the first time I'd held the camera and not mounted it.. Even a 17-ounce rig gets pretty heavy at four Gs, especially if you're holding it out at arm's length to capture more in the shot.
But the real treat was the video from the performance on Saturday. In an Airspeed first, the AeroShall Team agreed to fly the camera in the No. 2 ship (which, in the AeroShell Team, is the right wing). I mounted the camera that morning, ran out onto the field and turned it on that afternoon right before the flight, and then retrieved it when the team returned. ...

update-since some of my preschool parents asked from Snow Eagles Air Racing Team
So after the race,life is beginning to resume back to what it was before. Squeege and I are both back to work. I have decided I want to race again next year. I don't think Squeege is going to, so I'm back to finding another partner. So I will be going to nearby airports and hanging flyers. I am going to race for a cause again next year,which I am really excited about next year's race-starts in Fort Myers, FL. I have gotten permission to race for Make-A-Wish foundation which means that I had to fill out paperwork and such and get an approval, in which the Nebraska Chapter has okayed. So once I get a partner, I can start fundraising. I am going to donate 50% of what is earned to the Nebraska Chapter Make-A-Wish foundation. See, the Nebraska chapter used to have a Fly'n for Make-A-Wish but the last time they did that was when I competed in 2007. ...

The Highland Lakes Squadron Commemorative Air Force Museum -
For anyone planning to attend The Highland Lakes Squadron Commemorative Air Force Museum, be sure to check the hours of operation. ...

Goodrich Exhibit to Enhance Canadian Air and Space Museum from Aerospace-Defense News
Goodrich Corporation's Landing Gear business in Oakville, Ontario will provide an innovative exhibit for the Canadian Air and Space Museum's revitalization effort.

Rosie the Riveter, 'Yankee Lady' at Burke - The Hudson Hub-Times
The aircraft is owned and operated by the Yankee Air Museum. Tours and rides in the aircraft will be available for purchase. To pre-register, contact The ...

Satine's Big Bi-Plane Adventure!! by Satine
... Mike grabbed the towbar and brought her out. Then Kevin took out his checkbook and said, "You're going up!" "OMG!! NO WAY, REALLY??!!" I could not believe it!! I always wanted to since I saw the crop dusters in the valley flying over the freeway at 100 ft AGL or so!!
First, we had to talk about how to get me up in the cockpit. Only a few people here know, but I have a progressively degenerative neuromuscular disease related to ALS, Lou Gerhrig's Disease. They are still trying to figure out exactly what it is, but it has now affected my legs and I can't go up stairs. Mike and Kenny have had a lot of experience getting people a lot worse off than me into the aircraft, so I had nothing to be afraid of. We'd go slow.
After a safety review, and a parachute fitting, we got me into the aircraft. It took a while, believe me, but I was determined!! The final touch was the canvas helmet! Who cares about hair at that point!!! Smash it down!! Captain Mike was in the back, I was upfront. "Clear Prop" and Kenny hand-turned the prop over! ...

Thunder Over Reno from Thunder Over Reno blogs
When a big-city businessman persuades small-town crop duster Butch Bandi (Hawk Younkins) to compete in the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nev., the talented young pilot sees his chance to grab fame and fortune from the skies. But the world of fast planes and fast women on the pro racing circuit may cause the flyboy to crash and burn. Mitch Carley directs this high-octane action film that co-stars Natasha Yi and Chris Foxworthy.

Astronaut's ancestry includes an Erskine president - Greenwood Index Journal
As he took his initial spacewalk, Marshburn and fellow astronaut David Wolf worked to anchor a dish antenna and cooling system pump on the space station for ...

Video: Vulcan XH558 and BBMF Lancaster at RAF Waddington 2008 by Theo Spark
Vectren Dayton Air Show 2009 - Dayton - 07/18/09 from FenceCheck Forums

Today In History, July 30 - Muskogee Daily Phoenix
1945 - The USS Indianapolis, which had just delivered key components of the Hiroshima atomic bomb to the Pacific island of Tinian, is torpedoed by a ...

Neto's Tucson - Arizona Daily Star
Celaya, Peña and Sanchez were seamen on the USS Indianapolis, which had been on a secret mission. The warship had delivered components for the first atomic ...

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