Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In case you haven’t heard— there’s a great new resource available to event promoters.

Dear Serious Event Promoter,

The International Association for Event Promoters (IAEP) is now opens to new members.

Get the scoop for yourself.
Simply click on this link and register to receive all the details directly from the Association.

There’s more! If you register now, you’ll also
Receive (absolutely FREE!) the 3-part audio mini-course:
Targeting, Timing, & Teaming.

Part 1: Targeting to Blow the Doors Off
Part 2: Timing that Takes the Pressure Off
Part 3: Teaming-Your Pot of Gold

This FREE information will put you on the path to increased
attendance and ticket sales, before we even open the doors
to the NEW International Association of Event Promoters.

You’ll get 1st dibs on charter membership offers and special time-sensitive bonuses.

Register at:

Discover How to Make
Your Event Thrive This Year-
Not Just Survive

! Get the scoop NOW at

International Association of Event Promoters

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