Monday, July 6, 2009

Wide Bay Australia International Airshow “Huge Success”

CEO of the Wide Bay Australia International Airshow Richard King-Siem announced on the final day of the show that the 2009 airshow had been a resounding success. “Final figures are not yet in but indications are that attendance is up on last year and many exhibitors are delighted with their own individual results”

One aircraft making its Australian debut at the show is the Seamax Amphibian aircraft. Importer Ian Bishop is very happy with the results from the show and at least two sales are expected to result from the enquiry they received. “The interest in flying and owning an aircraft is increasing dramatically as the general public come to realise that aviation is now well within the reach of almost everyone” continued King-Siem.
“Bundaberg is ideally suited for recreational flyers because of our clear skies, fine weather and inexpensive yet very professional training available”.

Aviation Trader Business manager Tony Shaw said the 2009 show had provided his publication with “great networking opportunities with the Aviation Industry and the general public. I am impressed by the great infrastructure and well organised set up. It is a credit to the organisers and volunteers.”

Peter Lang from Aeromil Pacific said that he was “encouraged by good prospects and a high rate of quality sales enquiry”. Having attended previous airshows he felt very satisfied with the infrastructure provided and they had been well looked after. He said “the visitation at the Airshow had enabled them to increase their own database of contacts and hopefully through co-operative marketing opportunities the Airshow can secure more large corporate contributions from names like Cessna to have a presence in 2011.” Peter commented on Sunday “this feels like a GREAT Airshow!”

A very important aspect that resulted in the success of the show was the standard of professionalism exhibited by the volunteers. Volunteers Manager and trainer Lesleigh Fisher said “over 200 people were trained in every aspect of the show including ticket sales, customer service, workplace safety and crowd control allowing the whole event to run so successfully. This will auger well when seeking support from sponsors and government funding to hold the show again in 2011.”

Final figures on attendance and other results will be released as soon as they have been tabulated.

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