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Barnstormer Express - Summer Highlights

The Barnstormer Express
July 30, 2009
Bringing you the Best of Barnstorming! 
In our pursuit to continue bringing you the best of barnstorming, we worked in collaboration with some photographers & videographers this year to give you a real upclose and personal look at our very unique team.  The summer version of our new promo video will show you just what sets our wing walking team
apart from the others.
View our new promo video here:
.WMV website version (may take a moment to load)
Jenny's Journal in AirshowStuff Magazine
Jenny was invited to contribute to the new
online publication, AirshowStuff MagazineShe has been contributing regularly, in the form of
Jenny's Journal, since the spring.
Ryan Sundheimer, founder of, is the one who allowed us the use of his lipstick video camera at the Wings & Wheels show in St. Thomas, Ontario.  He contributed much of the ground-based video you see in our new promo, as well. 

 American Barnstormer on the cover of the
ICAS Industry Guide
American Barnstormer's wing-cam shots from the Florida International Air Show this spring caught the eye of our industry's leaders - our Going Up! photo was chosen to grace the cover of the new
ICAS Industry Guide.
About the photo series...
Tyson Rininger called on a friend, David Carlson, who has plenty of experience with rigging cameras on moving platforms to help us capture our team behind the scenes... in the air.  With all the right equipment from David (who works with Canon), we were able to capture our entire routine with photos
taken every 4 seconds. 
Not your typical wing walking acts...
The AMAZING solo wing walk--  Javelin Hang by AHaley
This is the most complete solo wing walk routine available! 
No other team's wing walker hits 4 distinct places on the plane, performs aerobatics standing at the wingtip, and hangs upside-down from the javelin by her knees!  


The SPECTACULAR Double Trouble wing walk--Double Trouble last pass by SYost

This is the ONLY North American team offering a performance with two daredevils moving about the wings of a Stearman in flight and riding through aerobatics to boot! 
  This wing walking act mixes acrobatics with grace, precision, and the 'Double Dare' javelin hang for a show you just can't miss!

History Tidbits...
Wing Walking and the Military 
Not only does wing walking in general have direct ties to the U.S. Army Air Service (predecessor of the USAF), but our Stearman, Ol' Smokey, began his life as a Navy trainer at
NAS Dallas in the early 1940s.
For more info on how wing walking is tied to the USAF, please read
our brief article on this topic:

Wing Walker Stats...
   Jenny    Jenny Forsythe by SYost
height - 5'9"        age - 38
first wing walk: June 2004
hometown: Cleveland, OH

    Tyson     Tyson Rininger by AHaley
height - 5'3"        age - 35
first wing walk: February 2009
hometown: Monterey, CA 

Congratulations to Nicole!
  Our wing-walker-on-leave, Nicole Hansen, and her husband Cory just welcomed Madisyn Marie into this world on July 16th.

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Photos by
Adam Haley
Ryan Sundheimerwww.AirshowStuff.comShawn Yost

 Tyson Rininger
(in collaboration with David Carlson)
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