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RTCW airshow - An audience with the red arrows - Friday 21st August from
The Red Arrows are renowned throughout the world as ambassadors for both the Royal Air Force and the United Kingdom. Since the Team was officially formed in 1965, the Red Arrows have completed over 4,000 displays in 53 countries. See the world's number one aerobatic display team in the Bournemouth skies and then hear, first hand, the experiences of the Red Arrows pilots as they tell the story of their fast-paced, elite world.
Make a note of all those questions you raised as a child as the floor will be open for a Q&A session.
Arrive at 7:15 for your chance to get your photograph taken with the Red Arrow Pilots and the former Olympian and World Champion, Derek Redmond.

Estoril Air Show 26 July 2009 - see air acrobatics by Tamariz beach on the Lisbon Coast - Google Translator
Translated: Praia do Tamariz is the best vantage point when Estoril Air Show 2009 will take place on Sunday 26 juli. July.
There will, among other maget be attended by EH 101 helicopters and F16 aircraft (over-flights) from the Portuguese Air Force. There are also expected visit of foreign aircraft.
Air acrobats from the nearby airport in Cascais Tire will entertain the audience.

Keeping Current from Team Bonhomme #55 Pit-News
It's been a busy few weeks since Windsor... Steve Jones and I have flown six displays as the Matadors in our Sukhoi 26's... great fun and it is most enjoyable to fly formation aerobatics. We flew at Siverstone on the F1 race weekend and then flew at the Biggin Hill Air Fair. Whilst we were there, we were awarded the prize for the best team display which is very satisfying given the standards of the ''competition''. I also flew the Mustang alongside Nigel Lamb in the Spitfire... again great fun. I was asked which I preferred, flying the Mustang or the Sukhoi? I enjoy both enormously so the answer has to be: the one I'm in at the time...

RBAR updates from Smoke-On!

The annual Virginia Air Show was held this last Sat - found some video footage - by ronnel

Video: Plane Crash Hits Car at Air Show Grossostheim nr Frankfurt ... by Vinny
Four people including the pilot of the plane survived when a biplane crashed into a car at an air show in Grossostheim nr Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday.

The Perpetual Vacationers: Second Visit to Pensacola Air Show by The Perpetual Vacationers
Organizers of the annual Pensacola Beach Air Show have had many years of experience and definitely know how to plan for a crowd, and a crowd of folks coming by foot, boat and various kinds of motor vehicles was there. ...

Aviation Heritage Week Celebrated in Edmonton from News
Plans are underway for exciting events at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton to celebrate Aviation Heritage Week from July 28 – August 3rd. On July 28 and 29, the Alberta Aviation Museum is proud to host CF-86 "Hawk One"...

World War I drama coming to Air Force's National Museum from National Museum of the USAF
One of the nations' premier historical aviation events will bring the excitement and adrenaline of World War I air power to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Sept. 25-27.
The World War I Dawn Patrol Rendezvous will feature vintage reproduction full scale and 7/8 scale aircraft, such as the Nieuport, SE.5 and Fokker DR-1 triplane. Pilots will perform precision flying in the skies above the museum and compete in a flour-bombing competition, with aircraft launching from and landing on the museum's rear field.

A TOTAL 29 veterans of Bomber Command will be gathering at the Yorkshire Air Museum this Sunday, 19th July, for a unique signing event. ...

Dog is this museum docent's 'co-pilot' - San Diego Union Tribune
By Steve Liewer Mark Carlson, a docent at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, and his guide dog, Musket, have met some famous fliers.

Diary of a skydiver - Die Republikein
TRADITIONALLY, skydiving is associated with roguish, adrenaline craving dare-devils with a zest for living on the edge. However, in recent years, the skydiving population has been increasingly infiltrated by women with a kick-butt attitude. And, occasionally, you will find a fourty-something mother of three who can't wait to make her 25-year-old dream a reality and start jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes.
I did my first two jumps in 1984. At that time I was the young mother of a one-year-old and my responsibilities and circumstances did not allow me to keep skydiving. 25 Years later, with my youngest child almost a teenager, my wonderful husband knew exactly what would make me the happiest person in the world, and gave me a voucher for a static line course for my birthday. ...

Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarship NBAA
Women in Corporate Aviation, International (WCA) is pleased to announce the presentation of a $1,500.00 scholarship at the 2009 NBAA Annual Meeting &Convention, October 20-22, in Orlando, Florida. ...

Red Flag to crisscross skies above Nellis from Air Force Times - News
Look for the Israeli air force over the skies of southern Nevada as Israel F-16C Fighting Falcons join their American counterparts for the latest Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.Altogether, 62 planes are expected to fly during the 11-days of mock combat, which started Monday. About 50 aircraft will depart Nellis twice a day to practice air war scenarios involving large groups of aircraft that aircrews don't often see when flying missions from their home bases.Here are aircraft scheduled to fly ...

WK2 flight 12 from RLV and Space Transport News
There was a flight of WhiteKnightTwo Eve last week on July 9th. According to ...

NASA Plays Audio "Time Capsule" of Historic Apollo 11 Mission from NASA Breaking News
NASA will provide a unique audio "time capsule" in observance of the 40th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon.
The Best Web Site For the Next Few Days [Apollo 11] from Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz
... It's probably the most amazing and technologically challenging adventure ever accomplished, and a sweet victory not only for the United States, but for all of us. Standing on the shoulders of giants and thousands of years of civilization—with all its misery and mayhem, but also with the genius, love, and creativity of millions of people—humans made the impossible possible once again. ...

This Week's Cover--Commemorating Apollo from Flight Image of the Day by Barbara Cockburn
Armstrong 'Don't Cash It' Check To Be Auctioned - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston
Bids are already up to $17,122 for the check Armstrong wrote for $10.50 to Harold Collins, NASA Chief of Mission Support, to repay money he had borrowed.
Sellers said the astronaut handed the check to Collins on launch day in July 1969 as he prepared to leave on the mission that would make him the first man to walk on the moon ...

Shuttle astronaut no stranger to Springfield - The State Journal-Register
Dr. David Wolf, one of the seven astronauts scheduled to go into space aboard shuttle Endeavour, is no stranger to Springfield.
Wolf, 52, was the honorary chairman of Springfield Air Rendezvous in 1999 and 2005. He had already been in space aboard shuttles Atlantis and Columbia, and also spent time on the Russian Mir space station

Martin Space Art: 1 from The Unwanted Blog by admin
In the late 50's/early 60's, the major aerospace companies in the US cranked out volumes of speculative and sometimes jsut plain nutty artwork showing what our future in space was going to look like. The Martin Corporation was no exception. The Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum has copies of a number of these pieces. It's not known if the designs shown were based on detailed engineering studies, very preliminary engineering studies, notional engineering ideas, or just the artists imagination. A whole lot of the latter can probably be safely assumed, however.

Making a MiG from Neptunus Lex
17th Air Force Prove Capabilities With President's Ghana Trip from Milcom Monitoring Post
ISU @ 2009 Air Race Classic - from [sorry we missed this blog during the ARC!]


Rob Reider lost his daughter, Katie, last year:
Remembering Katie Reider (May 23, 1978 - July 14, 2008)

Katie released some beautiful music, and we wanted our readers to enjoy it with us,
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