Friday, April 13, 2012

Doolittle Fuel-Fundraiser Needs Help!

The Doolittle Raiders Need Your Help Now
A Gathering in Need
Over $300,000 needed for B-25 Gas
On April 18th, 1942 80 Americans raised their hand, volunteered for a sure suicide mission, and helped to save the world.  Next week we say thanks to these men.
This week over 20 B-25 bombers plan to fly to Dayton, Ohio to honor some of our most cherished heroes, The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.  The Raiders will be having their 70th reunion, a most notable occasion alone.  The bombers will create the largest gathering of B-25s since WWII, all in honor of the Raiders.  This can't occur without your help.
It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars just in fuel to make an event like this happen.  Warbird Radio is in the midst of a Fuel Fund Drive, to help defer the costs of this event.  No one makes a dime from this fundraiser.  In fact, a contribution is tax deductable.  It is also a means to remember history.  A personal contribution would be great. A large corporate payment would be greater.  Find out how you can help...

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