Monday, August 1, 2011

Air Show America DVD

“We are very excited about this product,” Said owner, Mark Magin. 

“It is a two disc package that includes dynamic ground to air footage, awesome onboard shots, tightly edited with a music score and narration by veteran air show announcer, Sonny Everett.”  Each disc contains over an hour of content, including well known air show performers, military tac demos and of course, jet teams.   Another feature that has been added is a digital down load. “ Imbedded in each DVD is a downloadable version of the disc for play on Ipod, Ipad, and Iphone.” 

New 2-hour DVD features Mike Goulian, the Navy’s Blue Angels, the Air Force’s Thunderbirds, Sean D. Tucker, the Canadian Snowbirds, F-22 Raptor, and much, much more.

Get all of this amazing footage on 2 DVDs and a bonus digital download, plus a free bonus on-board video where you are taken inside the cockpit of the RAF Red Arrows performing their formation demo. This will be shipped to your door step within 7-10 business days after purchase.
Price: $29.95 Plus S&H

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