Saturday, August 27, 2011

Acro Camp 2: Day 1 was busy!

Acro Campers and additional crew started arriving Thursday, but today was the kick off!  It was a busy day.  We'll try to re-cap below, but full details can be found on the Acro Camp Facebook wall, and the Acro Camp website, which is where we sourced most of the content below!  Yes, they have a Twitter page too.  Part of the Indy Transponder crew is on site helping with .... well, everything!  We're looking forward to great reports.  To all the crew and Acro Campers in Michigan - enjoy!  I can't wait to hear the stories! (ms)

Mary "Ruby Riptide" Macdonald makes friends with the Pitts pitot tube cover.

You can learn who all the cast members are, HERE.

Acro Camp 2 Principal Photography: Days -1 and 0 from AcroCamp by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper) | A busy couple of days here in movie-making land.  The crew arrived in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and then proceeded to stay up until about 0400L watching rough-cut sequences of A Pilot’s Story. I think we also made up a couple of drinking games (or calls and responses a-la Rocky Horror to go with the film when it comes out.  We then moved the crew and three carloads of gear out to ...

Our friends at UCAP are tracking the action too!

AcroCamp gets started in ernest from UCAP Blog by Jack Hodgson | The first REAL day of AcroCamp has begun. Instructor Don Weaver and AcroCamper Mary “Ruby Riptide” Macdonald briefed, suited up, climbed into the Pitts and took off. ...

AcroCamp Web Presence from UCAP Blog by Jack Hodgson | There’s a lot of online stuff going on this time at AcroCamp. Here’s a list in progress of the people who are  ...

They've also posted a great photo of "Day 1 grins" here.  Other posts:  Michelle Cole's arrival, "Dawn Patrol" podcast.

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