Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LiveAirShowTV Has the INSIDE STORY on the Reno Air Races

PFLUGERVILLE, TX – AUGUST 30, 2011 – It’s time for the 48th Annual Reno National Championship Air Races, and LiveAirShowTV will once again be on the ramp to bring race fans the Inside Story!

Beginning Wednesday of race-week, video will be gathered during the day, and then assembled and posted on-line that night.  Depending on where fans live, the video may be available late that same night, or first thing the next morning. LiveAirShowTV President Jeff Lee said, “Everybody knows that there are cell phone videos and home camcorder videos that get posted, but LiveAirShowTV has the access to hear from the pilots immediately after a race, get the latest from a crew chief, and hear directly from those who are moving up in the standings as well as those who’s race week is over.”

All of these videos will be available for free, directly on the LiveAirShowTV.com home page in the video column on the left.  Fans who want to get revved up early, can go back and take a look at our complete coverage from 2010, including the expanded profiles on Steven Hinton and Tiger Destefani, Dr. Brent Hisey, Will Whiteside, and John and Heather Penney.

In 2010, LiveAirShowTV broke new ground with daily reports during race week that covered virtually every aspect of the action from one end of Stead Field to the other.  “We knew that race fans who couldn’t be there, as well as those who didn’t have the access that we had, would want to know what was going on with their favorite race teams, and they wanted to hear directly from the pilots and their crews,” said Lee.

For those fans who had hoped for another live broadcast, similar to the historic show we produced in 2009, LiveAirShowTV is just as disappointed as you.  The current economic climate has made obtaining additional broadcast sponsors even more difficult than the last two years.

Between now and race week, look for stories to be posted about the National Aviation Heritage Invitational planes that will be on display; a look at the Super Sport class, and hear directly from Jon Sharp on his retirement announcement.  Also, get a look at the upcoming release of the IMAX feature: Air Racers 3D!

LiveAirShowTV is finalizing plans for each day’s coverage. Do you have a story idea?  Send it in.  Your story idea might just make it to one of the reports.  Go to the “Contact” page at www.LiveAirShowTV.com and submit your story idea.

For all the latest on the Reno Air Races and air shows around the country, “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page, and follow us on Twitter.  Both links are available on our home page.  LiveAirShowTV continues to be the “Eyes and Ears of Aviation, Today”.

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