Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Take to the Skies Airfest Highlights!

PFLUGERVILLE, TX, June 11, 2013 – LiveAirShowTV was on hand for this year’s Take to the Skies Airfest.  It was held this year in Durant, OK.  Durant had not seen an airshow in their city in 14 years, and the citizens turned out in a big way.  “We had traffic jams all around the airport,” said air show organizer Debby Standefer.  “Because so many people showed up, we extended the air show, and had several of the acts fly twice.”

Multiple aerobatic performers from the south central U.S. were there including Jan Collmer, Kate Kyer, Chet Kuhn, and Andrew Wright.  Justin Lewis performed aerobatics this year in his FLS Microjet.  Wrapping up the day, Chip Lamb of the Trojan Phylers showed off his big T-28 Trojan, and Randy Ball lit up the sky in his MiG 17F.

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LiveAirShowTV has been busy this spring with the Careers In Aviation project for EAA, as well as talking with various air shows for the summer and fall.  We recently announced a LIVE production at the Rocky Mountain Air Show, and we will be in Reno this week for Pylon Racing Seminar.  Watch for some big news to come from Stead later this week.

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