Tuesday, June 4, 2013


First-Time Appearance in the Atlantic City Area for the Battling Duo

Atlantic City, NJ – The new Miss GEICO Victory catamaran will challenge a WWII-era aircraft from the GEICO Skytypers in a high-speed, sea-air duel for sponsorship bragging rights.

The Miss GEICO boat racing team, with a solid legacy of six world championships and multiple speed records, enters a new era of piston-driven competition in 2013 through a partnership with Mercury Racing.

Meanwhile, one of the GEICO Skytyper World War II-trainer planes will break away from its skytyping missions and attempt to outrun the speedboat in an exhibition race. While the Miss GEICO is capable of higher top speeds than the North American SNJ-2 flown by the Skytypers, weather conditions handicap the watercraft and even the odds.  Skill and expertise will prove the ultimate victor in this battle.

In addition to the air-sea duel, the GEICO Skytypers will feature six SNJ-2s flying in a wide line-abreast formation to “type” messages at an altitude of 10,000 feet with computer-generated puffs of smoke.  The team will also perform a low-altitude, precision-formation flying routine during the air show. The SNJ-2 was a transition trainer during World War II, bridging the gap from basic aircraft to a variety of front-line warbirds: fighters, bombers and transports.

The Miss GEICO Victory is the fourth iteration of the powerboat team’s racing catamaran and, in partnership with Mercury Racing, the first of their fleet to employ piston-powered engines. The 50-foot Miss GEICO Victory has been designed to house twin Mercury 1650 RACE Sterndrive engines that produce nearly 3,300 horsepower and top speeds exceeding 200 mph. The catamaran is manufactured from carbon, Kevlar and S-glass. In 2013, the Miss GEICO will compete in offshore racing events in the Unlimited Powerboat Class against teams from Norway, Qatar and Australia.

The Atlantic City Air Show will take place Wednesday, June 26, 2013 along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

For more information on the show and tickets, visit the Atlantic City Air Show website.

About the GEICO Skytypers

The GEICO Skytypers are the only flying unit in the world that performs at air shows typing messages in the sky. For more information on the GEICO Skytypers, visit geicoskytypers.com.  The team can also be found on Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube To request more information or a 2013 electronic press kit, please write or call the contacts listed below.

About Miss GEICO

Miss GEICO is an offshore racing team sponsored by GEICO Insurance and owned by the country’s premier and fastest-performing powerboat racing team, AMF (America Moving Forward) Offshore Racing. Miss GEICO is headquartered in Riviera Beach, FL.

With the duo of Driver Marc Granet and Throttleman Scott Begovich, Miss GEICO holds numerous world speed runs and records. Since the team’s inception in 2005, Miss GEICO has won six World Championship titles. In addition to competing in offshore racing, the Miss GEICO team participates year-round in boat shows, air shows, poker runs and charitable events assisting United We Race Inc., the team’s 501 (c) (3) charity in providing support to veterans and veterans’ programs.  Miss GEICO earned its world titles to date with turbine-powered engines.


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