Thursday, November 26, 2009

Indy Transponder 26-NOV-09 1300z

Jet-Wing Man Ditches in Atlantic, Lives to Fly Again from AVIATION-NEWS by Marcel van Leeuwen | A Swiss pilot ditched safely into the chilly waters between Morocco and Spain Wednesday after a technical malfunction ended the first attempted intercontinental crossing on jet-powered wings. A rescuer helicopter winched Yves Rossy to safety from the wind-swept Atlantic. Rossy, a 50-year-old former fighter pilot, had taken off from Tangiers but five minutes into what was supposed…

Video: Jetpack man blames turbulence for failed flight attempt from Diamond Pilots by Diamond Pilots

Jet man ditches | World's first intercontinental crossing attempt fails. On November 25 Swiss pilot Yves Rossy tried to become the first man to make an intercontinental crossing by jet-wing. But shortly after launching, he ditched into the sea with his parachute open. Rossy was unharmed but has been taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up. (RSI/

Arch Turns To Music To Tune Out Pressure At Races from Air Race News Watch by | SALZBURG, Austria - Hannes Arch admits it is sometimes hard to keep on an even keel amid all the pressure during the Red Bull Air Race season and especially while in the glare of the media spotlight during race weekends. But the Austrian said in a wide-ranging radio interview he tries to keep himself grounded with the help of the right music, the right friends and the right attitude.

Flightline UK – UK Airshow News » Blog Archive » More on the Breitling Wingwalkers from AeroSuperBatics Ltd, operators of the world's only formation wingwalking team, is delighted to announce an exciting 2 year sponsorship deal with prestigious watch manufacturer Breitling.

AeroSuperBatics Ltd has enjoyed a long association with the luxury Swiss watch brand, who will be sponsoring the formation pair of Boeing Stearman wingwalking biplanes. The display team is thrilled with the new paint scheme for the aircraft, specially designed by Breitling and looking forward to dazzling millions of spectators at events across the UK and Europe as the 'Breitling Wingwalkers'.

James Bond stuntman pilot died during complex barrell roll at air show - | A stunt pilot who worked on the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies was killed at an air show after trying to copy a barrel roll that another plane had ...

Bond film pilot's Shoreham death crash blamed on "impulse" - The | Worthing Coroners' Court was told that Mr Brown had repeatedly said to organisers and other pilots that he did not want to perform aerobatic stunts in the ...

Archive Video A Day – 25 November 2009 – Gear Down at Mach 3.2 from Parrothead Jeff by Parrothead Jeff | Yeah, I should've done a bit of photography today.  I screwed up and I know it's my own damn fault.

Hopefully, this short video from a while back might at least partially redeem me. I've said before that I'm an associate member of the Road Runners Internationale, but it's been a while.  I missed their reunion this year, but I went to the past two.  I'll be at the next one – count on that…

Civil Air Patrol Celebrating 68th Anniversary from Aero-News Network | Organization Was Founded A Week Before Pearl Harbor Was Attacked The 58,000 citizen volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol will mark CAP's 68th anniversary on December 1st. The celebration commemorates the rich history of vigilant service provided by the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force over the past seven decades.

Civil Air Patrol Cadets take to the skies by Diamond Pilots | One recent Saturday morning, Chico Airport was the place to be for 28 Civil Air Patrol Cadets. Each cadet was given the opportunity to fly one of four airplanes provided by squadrons from around the north state.

Video: Cadet Life in the Civil Air Patrol by Diamond Pilots

Thankful To Be Alive: I survived a plane crash - KPVI-TV | The Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg was his brainchild. It's filled with World War II era planes, Johns favorite. And the type of plane John is most ...

Astronauts Celebrate Thanksgiving in Space on Two Spaceships from | A dozen astronauts in orbit will pause for a weightless Thanksgiving Thursday, despite the fact that they're flying on two different spaceships.

Documentary about Anousheh Ansari's flight to the ISS from RLV and Space Transport News | Via Parabolic Arc comes word of a film about Anousheh Ansaris flight to the ISS: Space Tourists | A Film by Christian Frei. This documentary follows her journey into space and shows everyday life as it is on the International Space Station.

X-37B / OTV nearing 2010 launch. from Military Photos by 2495 | In a response to written questions, an Air Force spokesperson said the unmanned spaceship is scheduled for launch April 19 on an Atlas 5 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Aviation Leader Ed Stimpson Dies
from AVwebFlash Current Issue | Ed Stimpson, a man a man who played a key role in reviving the general aviation industry, died at his home in Boise, Idaho, Wednesday. Stimpson was the driving force behind the 1994 General Aviation Revitalization Act, a law that resulted in the resumption of manufacturing by some planemakers, notably Cessna. In fact, Cessna put Stimpson's initials on the first 100 piston planes produced after restarting the line. "The aviation world has lost one of the greatest statesmen it has ever known," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. "For nearly 40 years, he has been a leader in shaping aviation policy, both in the United States and around the world."

Reno Air Race Art Now at by planeguy007 | For those of you who love the sites and sounds of the Reno Air Races, now is your chance to finally take some of that excitement home. Plane Junkie, one of the.

XB-36 in color: 3 from The Unwanted Blog by admin | Another photo from the Jay Miller collection. Here's the raw scan (a bit smallerized, of course):

B-47 panoramas from The Unwanted Blog by admin | From a few days ago at the Hill Aerospace Museum.

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