Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update on giving history a future for Devil Dog B-25 WWII Bomber

Wanted to give you an update on our fundraising efforts with the Devil Dog engine. We are over the hump, we are almost 60% there. The first installment has been paid and we are waiting for Aero Trader to finish the engine overhaul. The engine will hopefully be on the test stand the next week or two. Then the final installment of $37,500.00 will be sent by the CAF headquarters. Once the money has been sent we will have six weeks to raise the rest of the money. If we fail to raise the $37,500.00, the CAF headquarters has another well funded unit waiting to pay it off. If this occurs, then the Devil Dog will leave Texas.

We can still use help. Check out our new video on or go to .

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