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Aviation Hall of Fame inducts 7 with RI ties, lauds Tuskegee Airmen - Providence Journal
William P. Armstrong, a member of the famous African-American aviator's unit called the Tuskegee Airmen, died while piloting his plane in Austria during ...

Fort Smith Airshow 2010 announced - Arkansas National Guard
He added that planners should have better information and firm commitments from major performers for the show after the Wing coordinator attends the International Council of Airshows convention the first week of December. ...

Air show helps returning GIs - Waukegan News Sun
19 event, with at least 125 free aircraft rides offered to children through the Experimental Aircraft Association's Young Eagles program. ...

Jack Beckman news -
Derek Routt, the Thunderbirds Operations Officer who has logged more than 2500 hours of flight time in the F-16, launched from Nellis Air Force Base. ...

Historic B-17 to visit Shreveport - Shreveport Times
"Aluminum Overcast," a historic B-17 bomber operated by the Experimental Aircraft Association, will visit Shreveport in early December, offering flights to ...

Air show helps returning GIs - Waukegan News Sun
19 event, with at least 125 free aircraft rides offered to children through the Experimental Aircraft Association's Young Eagles program. ...

The Big Race of 1910 - Air & Space Magazine

US Airways pilots to speak at EAA banquet - Chicago Tribune
The Oregon, Wis., resident started attending the EAA fly-in convention, AirVenture, with his parents in the 1960s. Skiles and Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger ...

WASP Janet Lee Simpson's insatiable taste for danger from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
Wings and Wasp Blog had a good article on Friday about
She became a media darling in the early 1930s when she and her sister, Kathryn, flew with her parents, Lt. Col. George R. Hutchinson and his wife, Blanche, to every state on the continent. Their travels and travails were plastered across newspapers nationwide, and she parlayed that fame into multiple radio and Broadway appearances.
She also had an insatiable taste for danger.
See the link above for the complete article.

First female helicopter crew takes on Taliban by Diamond Pilots
THE RAF is to fly its first all-woman combat helicopter crew into action in southern Afghanistan.
The four women are expected to fly a number of missions taking troops and supplies to the frontline against the Taliban in Helmand. They will also airlift casualties to the hospital at Camp Bastion. ...

'Bleriot plane' wings way to museum - The Star
IT'S chocks away for a replica of a record-breaking aeroplane which thrilled the crowds at a sensational airshow in Doncaster a century ago. ...

Palm Springs Air Museum celebrates anniversary - The Desert Sun
The legacy donation, made by museum board chairman Fred Noble, was offered during a celebration that featured flight demonstrations, food vendors, ...

Concorde runs out of room at Heathrow - Times Online
CONCORDE may have to leave Heathrow, its spiritual home, because British Airways is struggling to find space to put it on display.
The supersonic airliner was grounded in 2003 after nearly 30 years in service. Air France and BA sent the planes to museums and airports around the world. Six are on display in the UK and BA retained one to put on show at Heathrow.
Plans to make it the centrepiece of Terminal 5 were cancelled. It was then parked on a taxiway in view of departing and arriving flights. This spot has been lost because of work to accommodate the Airbus A380 superjumbo.

The 100th Anniversary of Soviet Helicopter Designer Mikhail Mil's birth from Planenews Aviation News Portal
The Mil Mi-1 Hare helicopter. The Mi-1, the first Soviet production helicopter developed at the Mil Design Bureau, initially took to the air in 1948...

T-2 Buckeye For Sale! from Parrothead Jeff
Due to many laws which I find rather pointless, jet warbirds are a rare breed in the U.S. and around the world as well. United States aircraft are exceedingly rare which makes this T-2 Buckeye a bit of a prize. ...

"From RAINBOW to GUSTO:" Ramjet Kite 1, high-wing from The Unwanted Blog by admin
Sixth in the series of reconstructed drawings from Paul Suhler's book "From RAINBOW to GUSTO." This is the high-winged "Ram Jet Kite" designed by Dan Zuck. This is Figure 51 (top). This is *not* a small aircraft (see high-rez version for dimensions). This particular drawing

Flights and Fancy: Like Father, Like Daughter from
There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who look up, reflexively, whenever they hear an aircraft engine, and those who don't. My seven-year-old daughter Addie appears to be in the latter category. As a member of the former, I have been hoping that as she grows up, she'll share my interest in airplanes.
I thought a total immersion might help, so I took her to her first airshow, the 2007 Kansas City Aviation Expo. Extra added bonus: I knew a B-2 flyby was scheduled. I had once seen one on static display, but never a flyby.

Celebrate Aviation History Month with free books!
As November is Aviation History Month, we thought it would be good to celebrate with all our aviation enthusiasts and offer you a great competition prize of three free aviation titles of your choice if you answer the following question: ...

Nord 2501 Noratlas from Planeshots
US Air Force Strike Eagle from FenceCheck Forums
Aviation Nation 2009 - Nellis AFB, North Las Vegas from FenceCheck Forums
Beautiful " Hun " from AIRFIGHTERS.COM


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