Monday, November 30, 2009

Glacier Girl Crash

Dear P-38 Fans:
I received an email this morning, stating:
Don't know if you've heard or not but the P-38 called Glacier Girl that they recovered from the glacier on Greenland and restored was taken to England to go into their Air War Museum and during a demonstration flight, the pilot was doing some slow rolls parallel to the runway and simply sank into the ground where it crashed through a line of parked airplanes in a ball of fire.
Naturally, I immediately contacted Bob Cardin (who was the Project Manager on the Glacier Girl Expedition and is currently employed by the new owner of GG, Rod Lewis). This was his reply:
Not Accurate! GG is well in San Antonio.
So have no fear, Glacier Girl is fine and all in one piece.
Blue skies, Kelly
PO Box 6453, March ARB, CA 92518, USA


Ryan Keough said...

The crash that they are referring to was in 1996 when the Fighter Collection's P-38 was lost at Duxford, killing pilot Hoof Proudfoot. There is a video of the crash on the web and that is what they are looking at. Very tragic crash.

XPDR Admin said...

Ryan - thanks for adding some additional clarification. That was a tragic crash. MS

Bunny5738 said...

Where is the glacier/crash site?