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Indy Transponder 14-NOV-09 1700z

Gettin' Fired Up For Aviation Nation 2009!!! from Parrothead Jeff by Parrothead Jeff

I hope y'all will understand that I don't have a picture for today. I've been getting things together for this weekend's airshow at Nellis. I figure I'd post a few pics from last year – a few of my favorites. I also thought it might be a good time to try out the gallery functionality of this blog and see what y'all think of it. This is one of the things that I look forward to every year and I just hope this year works out as well as the years past have.

A perfect homecoming - Pensacola News Journal

The Blue Angels began their final air show of 2009 under pristine blue skies, allowing thousands of screaming fans to soak up the sun along with the roar of ...

The Blue Angels take to the sky - WALA-TV FOX10

That's how our flight briefing started. I climbed aboard with a handicam strapped to my wrist and it only got more intense once the plane took off. ...

F-22 Raptor wows crowd in Middle Eastern debut from : Latest News by Chris Pocock

Making its first-ever appearance in the Middle East, the U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor is flying over each day from Al Dhafra airbase, Abu Dhabi, for its 14-minute display slot. Major Dave "Zeke" Skalicky is showing off America's top-of-the-line stealth fighter with a serious of gravity-defying maneuvers. But everything you see in the F-22 demonstration is applicable to real air combat, according to Col. Dirk Smith, operations group commander for the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing. "The F-22 has a huge advantage over other fighters, thanks to the combination of thrust-vectoring [TV] and the very sophisticated flying control system [FCS]," he told AIN…

China's new L-15 trainer arrives on the world stage
from : Latest News by David Donald

Appearing for the first time outside China, the L-15 Falcon is at Dubai to promote its capabilities here in a region that offers significant market potential for advanced trainers. At the same time, the resurgent AVIC organization is highlighting its ability to provide total training solutions for modern air arms…

Not-so-Weekly Weekly Update - 26October thru 13November from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing

Good Afternoon All, I apologize for a lack of posts in the last few weeks. We've finished with our final two events at the hangar. The Halloween party on the 30th was a hit... great music, good costumes and a taco bar! It was great fun, thank you to all those who attended and helped out. The next night we rented the hangar to a group for their private hHalloween party. It was a late night but a good time as well! The focus has turned from our event laden schedule toward a maintenance operation. The B-25 returned home from Midland, and has been put into maintenance for the winter. First tasks include an engine change, and some repairs. The small aircraft will continue to fly for a period of time before they too are put into maintenance. If you are interested in helping with aircraft maintenance, hangar repair, museum or general cleanup over the winter, we could use your help!!!...

Engine Change Prep from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing

Changing an engine on any aircraft is a faily large job. It takes a bit of prep work, and tools have to be gathered. Thanks to everyone who helped with the preparations!...

Turret Trouble
from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing

A great achievement for the week was the repair of our B-25's Bendix turret! It has been inoperative for the last few years. It turns out it was an electrical problem that was easily solved. Thanks to everyone who participated in getting this working!...

Fall Flights
from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing

The BT-13, Harvard and L-5 are getting a little flight time. The fall colors make for a great view, and our pilots are eager to see them. Some of our members had the chance to fly along with them!...

Halloween Party
from CAF Minnesota Wing Blog by Commemorative Air Force, MN Wing

The Halloween party was terrific, with great costumes, good music, fun games and food. Enjoy the variety of costumes! More photos available at

Yay for Aviation History by Lisa

Well, Aviation History Month may not be a big deal for most folks, but to me it's a reason to celebrate ... or at least a reason to send Bubby something in recognition of yet another oddball monthly designation. ...


Roger from Vancouver, BC, sent this link about Canadian Aviation History via our Cascade Flyers email list-serve. It's great to be so near to a country that really celebrates their aviation history. Since I'm currently in a 2nd world ...

Lighting fighter jet crashes at South African airshow - Times LIVE

A privately-owned Lightning fighter jet has crashed at an airshow at the Overberg Air Force Base east of Cape Town. According to reports on aviation website ...

Pilot dies after crashing jet at airshow - Independent Online

The fighter jet called Electric Lighter, was preparing to participate in an airshow which began on Friday at the Test Flight and Development Centre near ...

Plane smashes into VIP lounge - Rwanda
from PPRuNe Forums by overthewing

One Killed As Plane Smashes Into VIP Lounge - Yahoo! News UK

SpaceX Protests Orbital Sciences Moon Flight Now Set for a Virginia Launch in May 2012 from Spaceports by (JackKennedy)

SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp. owned by Elon Musk) has lodged an October 26, 2009 bid protest with the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) against Virginia-based and publicly traded Orbital Sciences Corporation relating to the launch NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft using surplus missile hardware, according to SpaceNews

WASPs helped sting Axis - Daily Commercial

Male aviators were needed to fly in combat. In fact, WASPs would test-fly planes right off the production line to make certain they were in proper condition ...

Aviation History Month by ruby

November is Aviation History Month, a time frame set aside to pay tribute to and celebrate our progress in aviation technology. The Wright Brothers definitely opened a wide range of opportunity on different levels. ...

On This Day in Aviation History: November 14th
by Phil Derner Jr.

Slideshow: Aviation Nation 2009 from Diamond Pilots by Diamond Pilots

The annual airshow is open to the public today and Sunday. Photo by John Gurzinski. SLIDESHOW: Aviation Nation 2009

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