Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Sea and Sky Spectacular back at the Beaches - Florida Times-Union

Lt. Mark Swinger, a US Navy Blue Angels pilot, shakes hands with a visitor at Mayport Naval Station. The Blue Angels will perform in the ...

Florida Marlins: Cameron Maybin to undergo surgery; coaches announced -

The Marlins were hoping to get outfielder Cameron Maybin to ride with the US Air Force Thunderbirds while they are in town for this weekend's air show at ...

Air Show Pactice Doesn't right - KENS 5 TV

by jetmanj79 (Subscribe) During pactice of Randolph Air Force Base Air Show 2009, one of the airplanes had a aileron (a major fight control to roll the ...

Living aviation legend comes to Bakersfield - KGET 17

And, at age 61, she has wowed airshow crowds from coast to coast, including several visits to Minter Field in Shafter. Whenever she's flying, except airshow ...

Ted Baillieu wants to move Red Bull Air Race to Geelong - Herald Sun

Hannes Arch of Austria, flies over the Swan River during the final of the Red Bull Air Race World Series in Perth. Source: Herald Sun STATE Opposition ...

World War II museum to dedicate major expansion Friday in ceremony with Hanks ... -

I didn't realize,'" said Hettema, whose father was a B-17 pilot who flew 35 missions over Germany. Henny Ray Abrams / AP photoactor Tom Hanks speaks ...

Wounded warriors take to the air - Air Force Link

11/6/2009 - The B-25 Mitchell medium bomber "Special Delivery" and a Japanese A6M2 Zero replica built from a North American T-6 Texan fly over downtown San ...

WWII POW Shares Story – Systems

They taught us on the B-25 and B-26s. After that, they sent me to gunnery show down in Harlingen, Texas, for about six weeks. After I graduated from gunnery ...

Fla. daughter writes book on dad's WWII experience -

Father and daughter have collaborated on "Last Roll Call," a 184-page paperback full of vintage photographs of Tucker's adventures as a tailgunner on a B-17 ...

Women's Wing Debuts At AOPA Summit – Avweb

The space also provided a meeting place for women to meet other women in aviation, or to ask questions about careers and flight training. ...

Long-lost relative - Patriot-News

But for Amelia's family -- Terry Earhart's grandfather and the famed aviator were first cousins -- her life is more than legend. It is a constant reminder ...

Couple elopes at Summit - AOPA Pilot

In fact, one theory of what happened to Earhart claims that the aviatrix returned to the United States and lived under the name Irene Bolam.

SR-71 Pilot Visits Tampa from AVweb Top News

The SR-71 Blackbird was one of the most distinctive and powerful aircraft ever built, and one of the select group of pilots who flew it visited AOPA Summit in Tampa this week to tell the story of the airplane and its place in history. Brian Shul, a retired Air Force pilot, has written a book about his experiences with the airplane, and came to Tampa to talk about it. "It was a fantastic airplane," he said, between talking to visitors who stopped by his booth to view the special-edition book, illustrated with unique photos from Shul's personal collection, on sale for about $400. The Blackbird was a wonderful airplane to fly, he said. "It would always give you more speed when you needed it," he said. It was purely a spy plane, with no weapons on board. The pilot's defense was speed and altitude. The fastest he ever flew in the jet was over Mach 3, Shul said, once when he was being shot at. The SR-71 could cruise at 85,000 to 90,000 feet. Its entire crew was one pilot and a navigator in the back, both encased in astronaut-style spacesuits.

The Super Genius' Descend on Edwards AFB for Flight Test Nation from Super Genius Airshow Blog by Matt

I just couldn't think of a better way to begin my blogging adventure than to share the amazing experience I shared with my three best buds and the core members of the Super Genius Rocket Scientist Society (stick around & you'll learn more about this distinguished organization).

Solar Impulse: Inital Roll-out and Engine Tests Complete! from AviationBull - Where pilots go to shoot the bull... by Jason

Bertrand Picard's visionary aircraft, the Solar Impulse, completed an exciting milestone yesterday. It was rolled out of the hangar for the first time and the engines were tested at the Dübendorf aerodrome near Zurich…

Laser Motive Wins $900,000 from NASA from Spaceports by (JackKennedy)

The Space Elevator got one step closer the past week as the LaserMotive Team of Kent, Washington racked-up a record 1km climb to the sky in record time [video] in the Climber / Power-Beaming competition, notes the Space Elevator Blog. There is more being reported on the win by The New York Times, Discover, and Associated Press and AP Video. Jack@JackKennedy.net

Flights of fancy: Airport event helps inspire local students to be pilots - Sierra Vista Herald

Introducing children to aviation is the main focus of the fly-in, however, which is a part of the Young Eagles Program that was started in 1992, ...

AOPA Summit 2009 Video Series: Strap on a Reno Racer For a Run Around the Pylons from AVwebFlash Current Issue

In this video, veteran Reno Racer Thom Richard tells what it's like to wail around the pylons at Reno in a Formula 1 race aircraft. It's powered by a 100hp O-200, but Invictus which was on display at AOPA Summit in Tampa this week is still capable of nearly 250 MPH. It's hot, high-G work, but it's also six minutes of one of the biggest shots of adrenaline in aviation.This video is brought to you by WxWorx XM WX Satellite Weather and Bose Corporation

Philips HD Demo Air Show 1080p ~ High Definition Video Collection by inevitabil

Spanish Air Force from FenceCheck Forums

Warrior Flight 1 from Photos

Warrior Flight 2 from Photos

Warrior Flight 3 from Photos

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