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Lightning fighter jet crashes at South African airshow - Pilot dies - Diamond Pilots
A witness told News24 that the pilot apparently ejected before the plane crashed. Attempts were being made to find him.
However, he is said to have sent a mayday that he was struggling to eject.
Although details were very sketchy, there were rumours of midair engine failure. ...
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Killed air show pilot named -
The Silver Falcons, the Air Force's official aerobatic team, flew a missing man formation after it was announced that Stock had died. ...

Season wraps up today with day/night shows - Pensacola News Journal
The Blue Angels began their final air show of 2009 under pristine blue skies, allowing thousands of screaming fans to soak up the sun along with the roar of ...

Tips for those heading to Visiting Nurse Association Air Show - TCPalm
The Visiting Nurse Association Stuart Air Show continues today. The two-day event is expected to draw 60000 people. Tickets: $20 at the gate. ...
Thumb Up: VNA Air Show always interesting, exciting ...

World Comes to Dubai as Airshow Takes Off - Khaleej Times
His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, will open the 11 th Dubai Airshow, ...
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Homestead Air Show was a huge success -
Although the base had not hosted an air show for 17 years, this year's show was extremely well organized. The crowds were very large, but the base was well ...

Video: Travel Air Biplane crashes during Aviation Day at Page Field - Diamond Pilots
... A Travel Air biplane crashed with three aboard during Aviation Day this morning at Page Field in Fort Myers.
The pilot and two passengers were transported to to Lee Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. None of their names have been released. Low & Slow Aviation Ventures of 325 Danley Drive in Fort Myers is listed by the FAA as the plane's owner. The manufacture date is listed as 1927.
Pilot John Hurst said he witnessed the crash and that at least one child was in the plane. Hurst said the pilot was flying too low and not following proper safety precautions. ...

Sport Air Racing League - Thirty Thousand Feet Blog by Max Flight
Received this press release:
The Sport Air Racing League: Final Race in the 2009 National Championship Series
Twenty eight aircraft are scheduled to vie for glory and prize in the Rocket 100 Air Race to be held on November 21, 2009. Aircraft will assemble in Taylor, Texas from Nevada, Utah, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri and Canada for this last race of the 2009 race season.
The 2009 Rocket 100 Air Race will be a six-turn, 130-mile timed event for Production and Experimental aircraft. Competitors will meet to complete their quest for season points and the ultimate Gold award. The year end banquet and awards ceremony will be held directly after the race concludes.
For more information on Sport Air Racing League events contact Mike Thompson or visit
The Sport Air Racing League (SARL) exists to promote cross-country air racing for production and experimental aircraft.

Race to Dayton's Amazing Aviation Places by Frank Coleman
Dayton Aviation Heritage volunteer opportunities Volunteer opportunities are available at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park.... Dayton Mayor/Commission Race Poll Next Tuesday, voters across the Dayton Region will be going. ...

Palm Springs Air Museum gets $500000 for birthday - The Desert Sun
Museum board chairman Fred Noble made a legacy donation to the museum on Saturday during the 13th anniversary celebration, which also included the ...

Veteran remembers war - The Apex Herald
Sitting in the ball turret on the belly of his B-17, Robertson remembers thinking how beautiful the anti-aircraft blasts looked from several miles away. ...

Bombers vs. Jets - The Dalles Chronicle Local News
... Bellarts' last mission of his first war was almost his last altogether, when his bomber group was jumped by an ME 262, a jet fighter that the Germans were able to get into limited production in the closing days of the war.
The date was April 19, 1945, just two days before the Soviet army reached Berlin. The target was a rail yards at Aussig, Czechoslovakia.
Four hours after takeoff from their base in Eye, England, the bombers reached their target. They had been briefed that jet fighters were reported in the target area.
Bellarts was flying lead in the third element of the bomber group, a diamond formation of four planes.
On his right wing was a bomber piloted by Lt. Burfurd E. Stovall. On his left wing was Lt. William E. McAllister.
Behind and below him was Lt. Robert A. Norvell.
The bombers had already braved heavy flak at the target site, and had released their bombs and started their turn for home when the attack came. Here's how Bellarts describes it:
"As we completed the turn, one of the gunners reported seeing some fighters in the distance. I happened to be looking out to the right and saw a German fighter coming at us from the from two o'clock high direction. He fired the guns in the nose of the fighter and the entire front of his plane was covered in flame from the muzzle blast of his guns. He was firing at Stovall's plane on my right and I could see pieces of metal being torn from the B-17 as the bullets hit the cowling and other places. I recognized the fighter was an ME 262 jet as it dived slightly to go under the squadron. Stovall's plane rolled to the right, away from me and started down." ...

Nov 12, 2009 American Airlines Salutes Veterans, Military Personnel - Aviation & Aerospace News
On Veterans Day, American Airlines, American Eagle, and their employees continued their long-standing support of veterans and the military through a series of special activities and programs. American Airlines partnered...

Nov 12, 2009 Southwest Sends Veterans to Visit WWII Memorial - Aviation & Aerospace News
Southwest Airlines saluted 23 World War II veterans with a patriotic sendoff to the nation's capital from Los Angeles International Airport. As the official airline of the Honor Flight Network,...

Remembering Joe Pike by Stan Switek
It is with great sadness I announce the loss of Joe Pike. Joe, my first flight instructor from 1981, has been lost in an accident in California. Joe was an excellent pilot and a mans man. He was an excellent father, husband and grandfather. Joe Pike, a long-time helicopter pilot and Bell 47 aficionado, died November 7, 2009 when his vintage Piasecki HUP-1 Retriever crashed in the California desert near Victorville. Pike and two other men were on their way to the annual Veteran's Day Celebration at Flabob Airport near Riverside. The exact cause of the crash is unknown, but Pike did transmit a mayday call to the Victorville air traffic control tower before the helicopter hit a power line just south of the Adelanto airport where Pike has a hangar. ....

P-47 remains excite Italian aviation buffs - Stars and Stripes
It doesn't look like much today. In fact, casual observers might be hard-pressed to figure out it used to be a plane. But on closer inspection, the wings and cockpit can be identified. Perhaps with closer inspection, clues might be found to help identify the aircraft and the pilot that disappeared into the Adriatic Sea during World War II.

Flying the P-61 airplane - Military Photos
The Northrop P-61 Black Widow was the first operational U.S. military aircraft designed specifically to use radar. The "Black Widow" was an all-metal, twin-engine, twin-boom, aircraft flown as a night-fighter by United States Army Air Forces squadrons in the European Theater, the Pacific Theater, the CBI Theater, and the Mediterranean Theater during World War II. It replaced earlier British-designed night-fighter aircraft that had been updated to incorporate radar when it became available. On the night of 14 August 1945, a P-61B-2 of the 548th NFS named "Lady in the Dark" was unofficially credited with the last allied air victory before VJ Day. The P-61 was also modified to create the F-15 Reporter, the last piston-powered photo-reconnaissance aircraft designed and produced for the U.S. Air Force.

Partisan Airforce - Military Photos
The Yugoslav Partisan Air Force was never a single united organisation, but instead was made of three separate elements, equipped and trained in three different ways. The first element was made up of defectors from the Croatian Air Force, who flew enemy aircraft captured by the Partisans. The second element took the form of two Yugoslav manned fighter squadrons trained and equipped by the Royal Air Force for operations over the Balkans. The third element comprised a formation of fighter and assault aircraft trained and equipped by the Soviet AIr Force. At the end of the war all three elements were operating from secure bases within Yugoslavia, and these units formed the basis for the post-war Yugoslav Air Force.
Because of the guerilla nature ....

Historical Item: 1930 Balbo Seaplane Flight Pin - The Aero Experience
Pin Commemorates Balbo's Flights from Italy to Brazil in 1930
From December 17, 1930 to January 15, 1931, 12 SM.55 flying boats led by General Italo Balbo made an historic demonstration flight from Orbetello, Italy to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a show of Italian aviation technology, and set the stage for a flight of 24 aircraft to New York and Chicago in 1933. Both events showed that the Italian military was capable of projecting power across the globe, setting world records in the process. The mostly wood SM.55 proved to be a capable aircraft, incorporating advanced engine and flight instruments.

Young Eagles Event Oct 17th, 2009 -
What a proud day it was for Chapter 538! On 2/24/07 a young boy came to our event to take a first ride as a Young Eagle. Today, as one of Arizona's newest pilots, he flew his first Young Eagles (in his own plane)! It was such a pleasure to be there on his "turn-around" in the Young Eagle program. Thanks Tanner Matheny for your dedication to aviation and promoting the availability of aviation to the young students.
We had a glorious day to fly, but then it is Arizona…

300 Young Eagles! by EAA538
Chapter Secretary Dave Biddle is receiving a Young Eagles jacket (just in time for our less hot season) from EAA headquarters for having flown his 300th Young Eagle! Way to go Dave.

Richard Branson wins Flight Global innovator award - RLV and Space Transport News
Flight Global recognizes Richard Branson for his Virgin Galactic efforts: Flightglobal Achievement Awards 09: Innovator of the year - Sir Richard Branson - Virgin visionary - Flight Global.
Branson follows a tradition of dashing English adventurers in the mould of the early aviators, who funded their own projects and by force of personality generated publicity. But while many of them were from monied families, Branson is, despite his genius at hype and laid-back, long-haired appearance, a hard-nosed businessman with a knack for making the right investments.
Although his Virgin Galactic venture is rooted in romanticism about taking aviation to a new level, Branson firmly believes that this will be a highly profitable business carrying as many as 50,000 passengers in its first decade of operation, and changing these space tourists' view of the world forever.

Amelia: Why We Still Care - You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
Picked up the January 2010 issue of Aviation History. Amelia Earhart is on the cover.
There's an excellent article about her within, featuring 2 full size photos and several smaller photos, and 5 pages of text. There's also a one-page article on the making of the aircraft replicas in Amelia, starring hilary Swank.
Here's the table of contents of the issue ...

Uncontrolled Airspace #160 "Self-Ejecting Cargo"
Dave & Jeb report on last week's AOPA Aviation Summit... They review video of some STOL exhibitions... and they remember those who have served our country. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace, Episode #160 "Self-Ejecting Cargo"

Updates - Mach14
Hello all Mach14 visitors. Hope you are all enjoying the site. I imagine you are because the site views are going up rapidly. Well as Tboy said, we are having our photos with Flickr which will help the site run smoothly and you can see all of the photos I have taken on Flickr as well. Also as Tboy said, over our Winter Break we are planning on redesigning the home page to make it more organized. We are not redesigning the entire site, just IMPROVING it. I hope our new updates to the site will make Mach14 easier for everybody to navigate around the site.
Now about Airshows…
I still have to post Reno pictures which are ready to roll any day now. Also I have to post pictures from the Edwards AFB Open House. We hope to get these up very soon for everybody.
Another thing…

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