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Indy Transponder 23-NOV-09 0500z

Sky's the limit for French female pilot - Jordan Times
AMMAN –– Anticipation gripped the audience before the Patrouille de France (PAF) took to the skies over Mafraq on Sunday. ...

Off Season Updates - The Pylon Place
... Only one person in that room was happier than Tiger, and that was our new Champion, Stevo Hinton. Yes, Stevo – I've been calling him Stevo for six years and I'm not going to stop now. Stevo is still the same Airport Kid, but now he has a title, a trophy, a gold jacket and a list of records as long as his arm. He is still smart, and charming and humble and terrific. I credit Steven and Karen for raising such a fabulous kid. Never change, Stevo – we love you just the way you are. ...

Kirk Dooley: Park Cities man soars to win at aerobatic flying championships - Dallas Morning News
Two months ago Bill Denton flew his aerobatic airplane to the North Texas Regional Airport near the Oklahoma border for the US National Aerobatic ...

The Horsemen Duxford 2009 -
The Horsemen performance during the Flying Legends Airshow in Duxford. The Horsemen Aerobatic Team are the world's only P-51 Mustang aerobatic team,...

Sean D. Tucker on the Oprah Show - Aviation News
In October of 2009 aerobatic pilot, Sean D. Tucker made an appearance on the Oprah Show hosted by Oprah Winfrey. [Video]

Flight enthusiasts gather at airport for second annual event - News Chief
Guests attending the Aviation Day event at Winter Haven Municipal Airport on Saturday watch as a Polk County Sheriff's helicopter lifts off the Tarmac. ...

High in The Sky: Glider Planes Soar Like Birds - Engineless glider planes relying on air flow, currents to stay in the sky. by Diamond Pilots
... I can still remember the warm sun on that autumn day, the big smile on my brother's face when he landed and his descriptions of floating along through the air.
So that's how I found myself reading a textbook about glider planes as my husband drove me and my kids to that same airstrip last week. I'll be honest. I was cramming.
My co-anchors and I have all taken turns at having a "weekend adventure" -- something we'd probably never try otherwise. These are the kind of stories that make us realize we do, in fact, have pretty cool jobs. ...

Historic B-17G to visit Shreveport, offer flights - Shreveport Times
"Aluminum Overcast," a historic B-17 bomber operated by the Experimental Aircraft Association, will visit Shreveport on Dec. 8-9 offering flights to people ...

40 years gone: Air base once thrived -
The airfield was part of the Army Technical Training Command intended to train airframe and engine mechanics and flight engineers for the B-17 Flying ...

Moving to a new home -
The KI Sawyer Heritage Air Museum moved the last of its belongings out of the W. It's has been a tough job, but they've managed to haul all of ...

Early Aviation History described.. by Kingstondivepro
Members interested in learning the origins of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and much else besides that relates to Canadian Aviation History, will likely enjoy a book by CW Hunt - Dancing in the Sky, the Royal Flying Corps in Canada. ...

Israel industry tour Day 1: Remember the Lavi - The DEW Line by Stephen Trimble
TEL AVIV -- It's probably unfair to start my Israeli tour diary with the Lavi. It's a bit like finding a way to shoehorn Darleen Druyun's name into the beginning of a Boeing tanker article.
But there it was as I walked into the factory next door to Ben Gurion International Airport for the Lahav division of Israel Aerospace Industries. Parked behind a long line of refurbishment projects -- including two MiG-21s for an African customer, an Mi-17 and an Israeli F-16 -- was the last surviving remnant of the Lavi program cancelled in 1986. Pictured below is the B3 technology demonstrator. ...

'Leftover Field': Clock is ticking to preserve Wendover site's often forgotten legacy - Deseret News
Carved from salt flats and sagebrush at the intersection of Isolation and Bleak, Wendover Airfield circa 1945 was as key to America's war effort as it was removed from prying eyes.
During a USO performance there, legendary comedian Bob Hope had servicemen in the audience howling with laughter when he jokingly referred to the World War II airbase as "Leftover Field."
Hope's punch line still works describing the airfield's dilapidated remnants. Only it's no longer a laughing matter for Jim Petersen, director of Tooele County's Wendover Airport, which encompasses much of the base's historic footprint. ...

Today's Waco: A winning combination - General Aviation News
WACO 8135 Cgilroy 2An open cockpit airplane is fun, whether it was built last week or 50 years ago. But when you take a classic design and make it from modern materials, you have a winner all around. That's the formula pursued by the Waco Classic Aircraft Co. in Battle Creek, Mich.
"The Waco harkens back to a time when aviation was more of an adventure," said Peter Bowers, CEO of Waco Classic Aircraft as he carefully wiped the morning dew off the gleaming red and white airframes during this summer's AirVenture. "The Waco is not transportation, it is flying. It is an airplane that a lot of people lust after because it's an incredibly sexy airplane. It is a fun airplane to fly and it brings back memories of yesterday. It's not like the kind of flying that you get today in so many other types of airplanes where it is a more sterile experience." ...

Thanks For the Memories - Air & Space Magazine
Air crews recall their service as roadies for Bob Hope's USO show.

Vulcan 607 - AirSpace
I'm currently reading VULCAN 607 and have found it to be an incredible book!! Visceral, and beautifully written you feel like you are sat in the captains chair of the cramped flight deck looking up at the floodlight bi-focated tail of the Victor, 20 yards apart at it now!!!

LSA in the spotlight at AOPA - General Aviation News
In its first year as the AOPA Aviation Summit (versus Expo), the 70-year-old, 415,000-member organization made lots of changes, large and small. Among the most notable under capable new president Craig Fuller was much greater attention to LSA.
Here's the fast-read update: AOPA announced its 2010 Sweepstakes airplane is a Remos GX (pictured above, with yours truly on the left, Remos's Corvin Huber in the middle and AOPA's Craig Fuller on the right); the company had multiple displays and aircraft. Cessna brought a SkyCatcher for selected reporters to fly. Fuller had Icon A5 developer Kirk Hawkins on the center-hall stage. EAA's Earl Lawrence led a LSA panel ...

Spitfire and Hurricane - Leuchars 2009 - BBMF -
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Bad weather display @ Oceana Airshow 2009 - AIRFIGHTERS.COM
Formation flight Sunday - Planeshots

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