Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hemlock 2011 Review

Hemlock Films 2011
A Year of Education, Entertainment and Excitement
A Year of Juggling
2011 started out quiet as a lamb. By April, though, the lion was firing on all cylinders, producing two movies, re-releasing one, and completing a book; all while keeping a smile on our faces, or at least keeping the heartburn to a minimum.  Along the way we completed work for our stable of regular clients; creating content, completing post-work, and filming aerials....
The "Rise Above" Experience
In April of 2011 the CAF Red Tail Squadron tasked Hemlock Films with the production of a revolutionary new film...in under four months. That is exactly what we did. Writing, shooting, and editing the new film Rise Above, Hemlock made more than a film....(read more)
"The Restorers" First Episode
After the creation of the original film The Restorers in 2003, it was always obivious that the project should become a series.  We have now taken steps to make that happen.  In 2010, Hemlock began production on the series starting with the Doolittle/B-25 Gathering...(read more)
In this issue
Producing the one-of-a-kind Rise Above film
A new book by first time author Kara Martinelli
After 8 years, producing a new "Restorers"
A special award for changing the game
An Award For The Work!
This December, the International Council of Airshows (ICAS) had their annual convention at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas.  The ICAS board voted to honor the CAF Red Tail Squadron for their work this year that went above and beyond the norm.  For their creation... (read more)
A New Book By A New Author
This year our producer Kara Martinelli wrote and published her first book My Very Dearest Anna.  This new novel is a true-story snapshot of the life of a US Army Airman (Kara's Grandfather) during his service as a B-24 tail-gunner in the Pacific. The book is narratively bound by the collection of letters between the author's grandfather and grandmother during his service...(read more)
What Is In Store For Hemlock Films in 2012?
   While we had some projects in the works for a while, much of our time in 2011 was spent on productions that came around the bend at the last moment.  Next year will no doubt be any different, and we'll accept these challenges with gusto!
    Each year holds new and interesting projects and opportunities. Hemlock already has some filming completed on the next episode of The Restorers, and we are continuing to aquire more investors to bring the series to broadcast life.  My Very Dearest Anna is just now hitting the bookshelves, and our films The Restorers-They Were All Volunteers and Red Tail Reborn-Special Edition will make their ways into museum stores and PX's across the country, with both films airing on PBS in February.
    As projects present themselves, Hemlock will tackle them with the same tenacity that we had during 2011, and we welcome the challenge.
With our motto "Above all, do good work", we ask, in 2012 what can we create for you?
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